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When did

When did....

Once and awhile I find myself wondering about some things. Nothing too serious, though. Just trying to understand what really happened to old time values in what most call now the modern age. Thinking about it in itself can definitely make someone sa...

Am i really that bad

Am i really that bad?

I've been on this site for a month and not even one lady has said hi. I thought ladies liked nice guys who wants a realtionship and not a one night stand. Or am i just ugly? Behind every good man is a great woman, where's mine?...

Are YOU a nice guy

Are YOU a nice guy???

Honestly what happened to all the nice guys?? =/ It seems as though every guy out there, in person or online seems to be too into himself, is rude, loves to have sex and think of sex and only sex all the time, is with one girl one min and with anot...

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