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Hello, I'd like to present some music stuff: Headhunters Progress Bar

Asking The Wrong Questionsonline today!

Asking The Wrong Questions?

Quite often we don’t get the answers we expect because we’re not asking the right questions. It may seem silly but sometimes two questions that sound...

A friggin riot lolonline today!

A friggin' riot ! lol

This really happened 3 days ago. OK, first of all, I don't approve of his smoking. It's a horrible addiction and a very bad example for his family...

Warning Last night the unthinkable happenedonline today!

Warning !! Last night the unthinkable happened !

Two years ago I bought a Maxtor 250 gb external hard drive. I have since used it to store my MANY photos. I have spent countless hours categorizing...

My computer hates me and Staples may tooonline today!

My computer hates me and Staples may too.

Last year in January I bought a Compaq laptop from Office Depot. It has slowly accumulated little problems. Perhaps it is attempting to try my resol...

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