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How to calm a baby again

How to calm a baby again

try Judas Priest too...

How to calm a baby

How to calm a baby

try Satyricon...

Really Cute Babies

'Really Cute Babies!'

These babies will make you split your sides with laughter! :) Enjoy!...

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This is too friggin cute hilarious not to shareonline now!

This is too friggin' cute & hilarious not to share

You will likely want to watch this a couple of times....

A Shorter Gestation Period

A Shorter Gestation Period?

At the age of 36 my younger daughter is pregnant for the umpteenth time, hoping to complete her first successful term. She is now 19 weeks pregnant ca...

A second nature photo for your inspectiononline now!

A second nature photo for your inspection

Since my photo of the doe was such a big hit with EVERYONE this week I decided to give you all a view of another photo, that I po...

Baldness Explained

Baldness Explained.

Baldness is often misunderstood, which is mainly due to a lot of hair roots filling the brain cavity. Our position on the evolution scale dictates tha...

Adoption Obstacles

Adoption Obstacles

When a couple gets married they can get into bed and make themselves 10 children in so many years, whether they are fit to raise children or not. In f...

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