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Live Let Dieonline today!

Live & Let Die

= = Truly cute play fighti...

Teaching The World Jamaican Patois

Teaching The World Jamaican Patois

Happy Single Awareness Day Y'all. LOL The world seems to be in a bit of ‘Jamaican Frenzy”, ranging from the controversial Volkswagen commercial, B...

Under the Dome

Under the Dome

I love this show! "Under the Dome" keeps getting better and better. Are there any other fans out there?...

What some women truly want in a manonline today!

What (some) women truly want in a man

Sometimes humor is exaggerated truth. In other cases it merely highlights the irony of that which we already know. Except for the last line, the...

Bear Cubs on a hammockonline today!

Bear Cubs on a hammock

The woman who posted this video lives in New Jersey. She has a hammock in her back yard and it is frequented by black bears. Indeed, she has a bun...

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