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Breaking Free

Breaking Free

...and then that bird can soar like an eagle!...

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Keha Tik Tok

Ke$ha Tik Tok

I like this song. Ke$ha is neither a bad or good singer. But the song is catchy to me. The lyrics is ok but could be better. I like the artist and the...

Art of Flirting

Art of Flirting


Woman Vs Womaniser

Woman Vs Womaniser

Testimonials on the book Woman Vs Womaniser...fro more reviews go here..

Sade By your Side

Sade By your Side

I love this song by Sade performing By Your Side! This is one of my favorite songs. I know it's...

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Movie Review Fever Pitchonline now!

Movie Review - Fever Pitch

Last night I watched a movie that I had not seen prior. If you haven't seen it, I recommend it. What initially attracted me to picking it out was two...

Help How do Men think

Help! How do Men think?

I've always wanted to write a blog to express these pent up thoughts. Today, is my first time posting a blog, so I may be a little rusty around the ed...

Ladies are you TRULY ready for a commited relatioonline now!

Ladies, are you TRULY ready for a commited relatio

Some of you ladies want a relationship and you want commitment. But, are you TRULY ready to live with a man ? To be ready you must obey th...

All For Everyone Or None For Anyone

All For Everyone Or None For Anyone?

Good evening, Friday; My thoughts today are still on yesterday’s blog entitled Gays and Lesbians, and my comment that members of the GLBT communit...

Passion Stabilityonline now!

Passion & Stability

In looking back on my life, I've had several long term relationships (at least 5 years), some relatively long term relationships (1 to 4 years) and qu...

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