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Stay Open..Keep Aware.. True Knowledge,Is The Window To The Universe.....



Close Your Eyes And You Will See Clearly.. Cease To Listen And You Will Hear The Truth.. Be Silent And Your Heart Will Sing.. Seek No Contact And...

Tiny Miracles

Tiny Miracles

Miracles Are All Around Us, Large... Small.. Tiny. Appreciate The Tiny Miracles, For There Will Be Always More To Come!...



Your Life Will Change For the Better.. Only When You Change For The Better.. Remember Nothing Changes Until YOU, Do!!...

Chocolate Love Charm

Chocolate Love Charm

For You My Darling.. Chocolate Cherry Love Charms.. A Tasty Delight.. Filling Your Heart With Pure Joy And Kisses!!...

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Technology Beyond Concept II

Technology Beyond Concept II

Once again "The Truth" is beyond conception, unless you find in urself the voice that you hear inside urself. Find it NOW! Time is not for ones disp...



This particular visitor, is very pleased to see his admirer and goes further to show off his ship and what it can do. Such a wonderful sight to see s...

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im happy

"i'm happy !"

as i find no reason whatsoever to be unhappy ! there's no need to seek or search for happiness ! it's within ourselves ! being happy is the true natur...

Does Copious Choice Beget a Dearth of Decision

Does Copious Choice Beget a Dearth of Decision?

Good morning Friday; Does copious choice beget a dearth of decision? I suppose there are as many answers to this question as there are responde...

how much of it

"how much of it ?"

scientific research indicates correlation between testosterone (male sex harmone) levels in men's body and their risk taking behaviour! which means th...

By myself


Present day: For a while, i started believing that one is not alone, you always have someone with you. Although in a physical sense of the word, its...

great day

great day

How the day changes here in Ireland back to the rain and the darkness but there's happiness in the kids faces, looking forward to the christmas which...

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