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my love

my love..

photo and memory dissolves once more......



Music by Enya Nice Pictures...

My PhotoTrip

My PhotoTrip

Some Photos from my Travels ! Enjoy ! Peace & Love...

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Wow did I get banged last nightonline today!

Wow, did I get banged last night !!

Whew ! It was GREAT ! You read that right. Last night was terrific. Honestly, it's been almost a year, since I got bang...

Some more nature photos for you to see from 2 21 2online today!

Some more nature photos for you to see from 2/21/2

A couple of days ago I posted a photoalbum on another site containing 107 photos all of which were photographed by me on 2/21/2012 while in Florida...

On Line Loving

On-Line Loving

Shortly after I joined CS, somebody ask me to be her online lover. The idea sounded great and not knowing what it entails, I agreed. I thoug...

Fly like an eagleonline today!

Fly like an eagle..

Almost a month ago, I posted a composite photoalbum on another site. That photoalbum contains the top 121 photos that I photographed during 20...

A Forbidden Love Is Sweeter

A Forbidden Love Is Sweeter

When somebody tells me to go to hell, I gladly try to oblige, but I never get further than the gates. Whenever I get there, they lock and bar the gate...

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