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Story of Life

Story of Life

Bamboo Violin...

China Travel Chengdu Hong Kong

China Travel (Chengdu & Hong Kong)

From a while back....

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Crackpot Correspondentsonline today!

Crackpot Correspondents

I correspond with a few CS members around the globe. Nothing romantic, just about everyday events, likes and dislikes. This normally last until the co...

What would you buy that is made in China

What would you buy that is made in China?

today topic is not only relevant but also a reminder and stern warning about stuffs bought that are made from China. I have nothing against them on...

OMG Pills made fom dead babies

OMG !! Pills made fom dead babies !

China certainly has had some questionable manufacturing processes far worse than the 'poorly made' reputation label of long ago. Perhaps you recal...

This weak in Adelaide Vol 2 Num 4

This weak in Adelaide. Vol 2 Num 4

Thursday 12 march 2009 OK. Moves are afoot to get a new bike and be back on the road and back happening. Faster, stronger, better. And with a big f...

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