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Imperial Dreams Review

Imperial Dreams Review

Just finished watching a surreal film called Imperial Dreams. It reflects the plight of our people/Israelites in this land of captivity while trying to rise above our circumstances, especially as Brothers wanting to raise our families.There is nothi...

Plastic Beach Gorillaz album review

Plastic Beach - Gorillaz - album review

Well, earlier on Facebook, I made a video review on this album so I figure, I'll make a blog on here too. ~~~ I got the exclusive package for this album (I received a 16 track CD, documentary DVD, t-shirt and online experience card) and I was...

Movie Review Yes Manonline now!

Movie Review - "Yes Man"

Last night I watched a movie I had not previously seen. It stars Jim Carrey as a man who is emotionally damaged from the ending of a short term marriage. He has essentially shut himself off from society by simply ignoring friends and new e...

Movie Review Fever Pitchonline now!

Movie Review - Fever Pitch

Last night I watched a movie that I had not seen prior. If you haven't seen it, I recommend it. What initially attracted me to picking it out was two aspects; baseball and Drew Barrymore. So, I began to watch it with a positive bias, I guess. Now, do...

Movie Review My Best Friends Girlonline now!

Movie Review - My Best Friend's Girl

I just got done watching one of the funniest movies to come out in years. 'My Best Friend's Girl' stars Dane Cook as a professional jerk. He's hired by other guys to date their ex-girlfriends. That way, after going out on a date with Dane, they come...

Movie Review Big Fishonline now!

Movie Review - Big Fish

Last night I watched another movie that I had never heard of previously. "Big Fish" is perhaps the best film offering by director Tim Burton, who is generally mired in macabre cartoonish films. However, this film utilizes real actors depicting a cart...

Movie Review Factory Girlonline now!

Movie Review - Factory Girl

With all the rain NJ has been having recently (now day 6 of 9 in a row predicted), I took this 'opportunity' to watch a number of movies, that I haven't seen prior. One of these is "Factory Girl". This is the tragic true story of the meteoric rise an...

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