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Sour Grapes

Sour Grapes

I think I had much more than my fair share of bad mouthing here on CS. It is so regular that I have grown accustomed to it and I feel neglected when it sometimes lapses for a while. There is a saying in Show Biz that there is no such thing as bad pub...

Cowboys Dont Cry

Cowboys Don’t Cry

I think we grew accustomed through the years to see blogs from time to time wherein people complain about abrasive blogs and/or comments. Yes, sure; sometimes it has merit. Some people are rather nasty with the stuff they post, but I canno...

The Wizard Of Oz Has Reincarnated

The Wizard Of Oz Has Reincarnated!

Ah, I see you’re back. Reincarnated again. Wow, you have more lives than a cat. And it’s been for some time. I did not pick it up earlier because I have been so inactive during the past year. How many profiles are you running at the present? I’d be...

A PM From The Other Side

A PM From The Other Side?

When I checked my inbox this morning, there was an anonymous message for me. Yes, you heard right. Anonymous! At first I thought it was from CS management, but then I remembered that theirs are marked as ‘Management’. I opened it and to my a...

This Blog Does Not Allow Reading

This Blog Does Not Allow Reading!

The member has chosen to disable the reading of this blog. I never comment on blogs if they don’t allow comments. It is only fair to respect the wishes of the blog maker. In fact, I don't even bother reading them. If I cannot commen...

Who Sleeps With Whom

Who Sleeps With Whom?

What we write in our blogs reveals our souls and it exposes us to the bone in the process. What we say and how we say it is the most obvious telltales of our personalities, but what we don’t say, can give away just as much. People read between the li...

Is it always like this

Is it always like this?

This is an interesting site. I posted a blog two nights ago. Tonight, when I made the first comment on another blog, I got a nasty email as reward. The blogger did not take offence. I don't know why somebody else poked his nose into it. What a nice w...

You know what I find strange

You know, what I find strange ?

Are you people extra shy ? Afraid of others ? Insecure ? Whatever your deal is, if you read my blogs (and others), why not comment on them ? It doesn't have to be profound. Just drop an emoticon, or say hi or something. Honestly, I blog elsewher...

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