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A Woman Needed Urgently

A Woman Needed Urgently

I have always wanted a partner and I only realized the other day that I have been looking for the wrong person all along. To formulate my desires, I s...

Still Waiting For The Right One

Still Waiting For The Right One?

Then I have bad news for you. He or she may never come. That person does not exist and is not likely to be born in the next millennium. He or she is...

cheating the partner

"cheating the partner !"

how to understand cheating ? cheaters won't come forward and explain them selves ! they don't even admit to having done , not to speak of defending th...

Virtual Sex

Virtual Sex

Yesterday, not for the first time, I received a funny PM inviting me to some naughty talk - virtual sex was the term - and it set me thinking....

A Few Facts Of Life

A Few Facts Of Life

Sex has not changed in any significant way during the last 5000 years. There are still 378 styles – some styles may have variations and sub styles – a...

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