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Dream of the Holy Ones

Dream of the Holy Ones

I came upon 'Dream of the Holy Ones' and found the song, music and images both beautiful and moving. I hope there's something in this that captures yo...

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timeonline today!


Just hear to say terrible weather on the way for the weekend here in Cork at the moment over in the college for 6 weeks in the IT dept on work experi...

forgiveness how good it is

"forgiveness !".........how good it is ?

in the context of cheating, decieving or similar offences, the perpetrator,on being forgiven, usually feels insulted, bears grudge on who forgives, an...

The Scriptures And Godonline today!

The Scriptures And God

I honestly believe that the scriptures can assist one in finding God and Truth. However, they are only a means to an end. Many people know about the t...

is there anyone here

is there anyone here...............

"i like being myself"! very often we come across this statement. is there anyone here, who likes being everyone else , being present in everything, an...

most romantic moments

"most romantic moments!"

the most romantic moments of my life were, when we both were just staring in to each other's eyes, lying besides in open space under full moon, enjoyi...

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