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God in human form

God in human form

“The real purpose of life is to experience what is beyond this physical existence.” Amma...

spiritual blessing

spiritual blessing


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Hello God Dolly Parton

Hello God-Dolly Parton

Hello God sung by Dolly Parton...

Atheist Life vs Religious Life

Atheist Life vs Religious Life

see what you think...........

Dio Heaven And Hell 1986

Dio - Heaven And Hell (1986)


Glorious Paul Baloche

Glorious - Paul Baloche

Sung by Paul Baloche...

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The Scriptures And Godonline today!

The Scriptures And God

I honestly believe that the scriptures can assist one in finding God and Truth. However, they are only a means to an end. Many people know about the t...

Belief in God 1online today!

Belief in God 1

A young baby can experience intense anxiety in a stressful situation. Such a situation may include being hungry or being uncomfortable in a soiled dia...

What is more important belief or truth

What is more important belief or truth?


True And Only Path To Godonline today!

True And Only Path To God

In order for God to be "God", he must allow every individual an equal opportunity to attain or experience salvation otherwise, he will not be fair as...



Life is dynamic and constantly changing. Any thinking or verbal speculation about life, even with regard to the future, is always based on the past. O...

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