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Is This Law And Order

Is This Law And Order?

Is The Law not an amazing thing? Originally it was intended to protect the innocent against criminal elements but lately it seems that it is merely in place to protect the rights of criminals while it does nothing for the victim who, appar...

Santa Is Almost Due And I Have A Problem

Santa Is Almost Due And I Have A Problem

But first tell me, what you want in your stocking? You better get your order in if you have not done so yet. Oh yes, Santa told me that an exceptional large number of people were disqualified this year for being naughty. So if you were naughty...

Family ties

Family ties

Sometimes family ties can become very complicated. Now just look at what happened ol' Jack. Five years ago, when he was 55, he married a 45 year old widow named Tina who had a daughter Sally aged 20 and a son Peter aged 18. Thus Jack became...

She Is No More

She Is No More!

My dad’s girlfriend is history. On Sunday, while my sister took her on a tour through the garden, I happened to find myself in the bedroom where she left her handbag. This was by sheer coincidence. She had been very careless. Her handbag was open and...

Life Makes A Complete Circle

Life Makes A Complete Circle

The other day, when I had lunch with my father, I touched on a taboo subject. His latest girlfriend! My sister and I had a long chat about this beforehand and in the end it fell on me to speak to him. It is not always easy to be the eldest....

Ruling From The Grave

Ruling From The Grave.

My father made a new will recently. Nothing too unusual about that for he’s done so about four times in the last 15 years since my mother passed away. But why does he always find it necessary to tell us about it? He never discusses the contents and i...

In The Dog Box Again

In The Dog Box Again

I like children but only if they have good manners. Last Sunday I put my foot into it again. I should rather have put it in my mouth. My sister’s daughter and her husband relocated to Gauteng recently and, not to disrupt the children (aged n...

Roadblock Season

Roadblock Season.

With the approach of the festive season, roadblocks checking for drunken drivers and any other criminal activities are on the increase again. My father and my sister’s husband both celebrated their birthday on Thursday and as per usual,...

That Time Of The Year Again

That Time Of The Year Again!!

Every year this time, I sit with a dilemma. My dad is having his 87th birthday in less than two weeks and I still do not know what to buy him. It is so hard to buy something for a man who already has everything he wants. Given his ag...

Asking The Wrong Questions

Asking The Wrong Questions?

Quite often we don’t get the answers we expect because we’re not asking the right questions. It may seem silly but sometimes two questions that sound the same can have different answer. This often happens when one of the facts surrounding the questio...

A Typical Day At The Pearly Gates

A Typical Day At The Pearly Gates.

While doing my rounds the other day, I happened to be passing by the pearly gates and stood around for a while to watch the proceedings. I wonder what sin Peter had committed to have gotten the job of gate keeper in heaven? While most people...

An Undeserved Punishment

An Undeserved Punishment.

It was a Monday in January 1969; a windless sunny day and we were on the beach. I was almost 17, have just passed the 11th grade and would start my final year in school in a week or two. The tourist season was at an end and the beach was fairly quiet...

The End Of The Line

The End Of The Line.

I have often wondered about my purpose here on earth; for I do believe that we are all placed here with a purpose. I have done ok for myself and there is nothing that I need to be ashamed of in my past; yet I have achieved nothing. I ha...

A Blog Of A Different Kind

A Blog Of A Different Kind.

My old man, now almost 85, had a nasty fall on February 1st. He fractured his hip bone and received a hip replacement. After two weeks in hospital and another week in a convalescent centre for physiotherapy, he went home last week. He did not like...

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