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I Cannot Understand It

I Cannot Understand It

I’m starting to believe that I do not have a proper grasp of the English language. Some people simply cannot or will not understand what I try to say....

Try This For Size

Try This For Size

Ok, let’s separate the men from the boys; and the women from the girls! I can read these like clear text and English is only a second language to me....

The Language Barrier

The Language Barrier

Sometimes I wonder if God really intended the lasting confusion on that fateful day when He created languages. Even when you think that you have m...

Why Doesnt Anybody Ever Help

Why Doesn't Anybody Ever Help?

One of the main reasons why I started blogging, was to improve my English. Reading English is not enough. Sadly, my English did not improve in any sig...

A Single World Language

A Single World Language?

Every Tom, Díck and Harry claims to be a computer expert. Meaning everybody think they know a lot about computers. But who was Tom, Díck and Harry; or...

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