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Hypocrisy And Graffiti

Hypocrisy And Graffiti

Oh dear me, the British language had me stumbling for words when I was young. But by the time I finished school, I have learned a few English words. N...

X Y Z And

X, Y, Z, And…

And what? Well, that was the question. Did you know that until 200 years ago the English alphabet had 27 letters? Ok, if you did not know it, you have...

Oh The Bloody English Again

Oh, The Bloody English Again

No, it is not the English people that I’m cursing but rather the language they use. Where did they dig out all those funny words. Not that my language...

Why Doesnt Anybody Ever Help

Why Doesn't Anybody Ever Help?

One of the main reasons why I started blogging, was to improve my English. Reading English is not enough. Sadly, my English did not improve in any sig...

A Single World Language

A Single World Language?

Every Tom, Díck and Harry claims to be a computer expert. Meaning everybody think they know a lot about computers. But who was Tom, Díck and Harry; or...

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