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I Cannot Understand It

I Cannot Understand It

I’m starting to believe that I do not have a proper grasp of the English language. Some people simply cannot or will not understand what I try to say....

A Nickname You Say

A Nickname, You Say?

Nicknames are special. Not everybody gets one. It is not something you can buy or order. It is awarded to you like a medal or a dunce cap and the more...

Hypocrisy And Graffiti

Hypocrisy And Graffiti

Oh dear me, the British language had me stumbling for words when I was young. But by the time I finished school, I have learned a few English words. N...

A Single World Language

A Single World Language?

Every Tom, Díck and Harry claims to be a computer expert. Meaning everybody think they know a lot about computers. But who was Tom, Díck and Harry; or...

The F Word Again

The F-Word Again

I have read some hilarious write-ups about the various uses of this poor abused word. When you walk in the street or watch a movie, you hear it in alm...

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