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An Amusing Conversation

An Amusing Conversation

I received a PM from a 26 year old, obese Asian girl with a very cute face. She claimed to be a professor living in Cape Town. She has two photos in her profile. The other one is or a slender woman with blond hair. Both were taken at recognizable lan...

She Is No More

She Is No More!

My dad’s girlfriend is history. On Sunday, while my sister took her on a tour through the garden, I happened to find myself in the bedroom where she left her handbag. This was by sheer coincidence. She had been very careless. Her handbag was open and...

Back In the Market

Back In the Market

Ok, I’m back in the market, but not just anyone will do. I’m looking for a very special girl. The properties I’m looking for are very hard to find. My high standards will not allow me to settle for anybody less. I want somebody who has se...

fake skype video scam

fake skype video scam

Dear cs, I am here to give everyone a heads up warning about a new scam. I always thought that I could use Skype to help confirm if I was talking to a real person. I thought that it was hard to fake your identity using Skype. I was wrong. It...

Is there life out there

Is there life out there?

The search for intelligent life goes on but right now any life form will do. Over here it is Friday, 10 PM and I have just returned home after visiting a friend. But where is everybody? My sister and her husband are out out (probably at th...

An Identity Crisis

An Identity Crisis?

I’m sure some of the guys will remember a certain foul mouthed girl who visited our mailboxes with an uncanny regularity, inviting us to contact her at her Yahoo address; probably to peddle her own nude photos and to have some dirty talk on Skype. Th...

I Cannot Understand

I Cannot Understand...

A very sweet sounding lassie aged 32 contacted me the other day from New Scamland (formerly known as the USA). This was after she had visited my profile a few times during the previous week. I did not return the compliment by looking at her profi...

Say what

Say what ?!?!?

I just received this in my mailbox on a site VERY similar to this one " Hi I went through your profile it makes blood flowing around my vain like a ball in a roller....Write me or add me to your buddylist on (e-mail address removed to...

Some of these are so funny

Some of these are so funny

I JUST got this today on a site very similar to this one . . . "I enjoy meeting with friends over good conversation, good music, good food and washed down with a bit of good wine. And I'm looking for someone honest that I can share my l...

Attention A Potential Attack on CS

Attention! A Potential Attack on CS.

Some have found their Miss/Mr Rights at the CS. But what about those who have not found their missing halves? If a cyber-army of scammers attacked this site, what should be done? If the economical instinct of the technicians were teased, and they had...

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