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What Do People Remember Best

What Do People Remember Best?

I wonder what part of a conversation is remembered best. Do people remember how you begin a conversation or how you end it? Or does it not work like that? Perhaps they remember the good part better than the bad part. Or is it the other way around?:co...

Talking To Yourself

Talking To Yourself?

Do you talk to yourself? I grew up believing that it is the first sign of insanity but apparently it is not so bad. Only when you have full conversations with yourself, you need to get worried. It may be a sign of schizophrenia. Normal con...

I met a girl named Clarity

I met a girl named "Clarity"

One of the many benefits being a researcher and writer is what effects it has on you personally. It all started for me when I was talking to an associate and I found myself stuttering like I could not communicate what I was trying to say. I am thankf...

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