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Reach for the stars!...

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A little 'feel good' video! Slightly different than the norm....

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My dream your interpretationonline now!

My dream - your interpretation ?

A while back, I had a vivid dream. I don't get them often, but they are very real like, when I do. In my dream I was leaving a party and talki...

Virgins Giving Birth

Virgins Giving Birth.

About 1 in 200 single US girls claim to have fallen pregnant while being a virgin. While most cases appeared to be a hoax, a number of these woman wer...

Trouble With The Quack

Trouble With The Quack

I don’t like the professional clique. This includes medical doctors and lawyers. I respect their expertness in their fields, consult with them when ne...

Past Present Future Mental Exerciseonline today!

Past. Present & Future Mental Exercise

1. Focus on the present Be fully and completely focused on your immediate awareness of the moment NOW. Mentally assess your degree of certainty that...

No Kidneys For Breakfast

No Kidneys For Breakfast

I overslept very badly this morning. I went to bed the normal time but I woke up three hours later than usually. I did not sleep well the previous few...

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