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why are girls cowards

why are girls cowards

why does girls do this.... they hit it off with you 100% they without a trace they dont text you back on your emails something great was about to emerge now all she does is read my messages but no reply why are some girls cowards why...

Why celebrating Christmas

Why celebrating Christmas?!

May be one asks himself this question?realy i do not know the answer completely,only part of it.However,i am inneed for your comments and contributions in this regard my dear friends.i think all human-beings on earth are God's slaves and all are brot...



Why are we here, is it to meet people and get to know them just to say okay next we move on, or to meet someone love them, but because they are far we cant go the distance, but they may just actually be what we want, or are we here just for games and...

what ever happened to normal

what ever happened to normal?

So many people seem to be going out of there way to stand out and be different, what ever happened to just being whatever comes naturally? If you try to impress somebody with abnormal things you wouldnt normally do it kinda fools them into thinking y...

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