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126 MPH In a Land Yacht

'126 MPH In a Land Yacht'

The amazing speed achieved by this rather strange looking craft allowed it to break the land speed record for land yachting in 2009. That speed again....

The Wrong Side Of A Jet Engine

'The Wrong Side Of A Jet Engine!'

Talk about being on the wrong side of the jet engine! As the huge C-5 A 'Galaxy' moves into position the jet blast manifests itself by blowing a...

Joy to the world Desert wind

Joy to the world-Desert wind

Music by Desert Wind...

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Stormy Skies And Gales

Stormy Skies And Gales.

With winter approaching, we’re having a typical late autumn day. It is unpleasant outside. The sky is clear but there is a cold gale-force South Easte...

A Day On The Water

A Day On The Water

I groaned when the phone rang to tell me that we’re going to sea. I went to bed too late and needed much more sleep. I barely had my coffee before the...

Getting a bit breezy out there

Getting a bit breezy out there!!!!....

Wow!! It's getting a bit windy out there today!! It's probably gusting around force 9-10 just now, and is set to get up to 75mp...

Song of the windonline today!

Song of the wind

Yesterday was a beautiful, but quite windy day. The sun was shining brightly with just a few clouds on the horizon and it was warm. I spent the...

It the Weekend Again

It the Weekend Again!

Rain Rain Rain Wind Wind Wind - what a Saturday! It gone now finally....

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