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Song Lyrics

I'd jump in front of the train for ya You know I'd do anything for ya (Grenade by Bruno Mars)...

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The Wedding CoverOriginally by Julie Rogers

The Wedding Cover(Originally by Julie Rogers)

When I was about 7 or 8, my family was invite to a Chinese Christian wedding. At that I was more interested with the food they were serving on the ta...

A New Twist On An Old Song

'A New Twist On An Old Song'

Just me trying to sing my little niece to sleep. Lord knows that kid hates to go to bed!...

Adele Someone like you

Adele - Someone like you

This song seems a bit sad and is no doubt bittersweet, but for me its hopeful. I think that many of us have lost a love we wish we had not. However t...

Cubicle Song

Cubicle Song ;)


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Im listenig to this great thing over and over Ca

I'm listenig to this great thing over and over. Ca

Great tunes! Great lyrics! Find it! Listen to it and enjoyed it! Song title:Homework Artist name: Peter Green Parts of the lyrics follow like this:...

We can blogonline today!

We can blog !

(to be sung to the silly tune, 'Safety Dance') Ah we can blog if we want to, we can make fun of Weiner's behind Cause his fri...

His Heart Song

His Heart-Song

OMG, she's finally graced us with a new song! It's the story of his heart. Starting with explaining that years go by, love changes, and you can't go b...

I kissed a bird and I liked it lolonline today!

"I kissed a bird and I liked it" lol

Here's 2 fairly amazing birds. Enjoy first up is Disco, who repeats some funny lines;

Song of the windonline today!

Song of the wind

Yesterday was a beautiful, but quite windy day. The sun was shining brightly with just a few clouds on the horizon and it was warm. I spent the...

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