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The Other Side Of The Story

The Other Side Of The Story.

When a relationship goes sour the story has three sides; his story, her story and the truth, which is somewhere - not necessarily midway - in between. It is easy to run people down in their absence since they are not there to defend t...

Not Expecting to Meet Anyone

Not Expecting to Meet Anyone

I want to know is it right or okay to think that you're never going to meet anyone special. I don't know. When I was younger I use to dream that I will find that special person. As I've gotten older, I rarely think about it. I live my lif...



If you contacted the person first and they replied back to you, but you are always the one to initiate contact and they always respond back whenever you all communicate, would that get annoying to you? Since sometimes you would like for them to co...

Date this person

Date this person?

Would you date someone if they believe in curses and have actively performed rituals on someone if they were angry with them? My sister-in-law told me that her father dated a woman that believe in curses. And that she think her father's girl...

Cant Believe Im Bored Now

Can't Believe I'm Bored Now!

I've been on CS for a little while now. Since the early part of this year. Actually this is my second time on here. I left then I came back before. I think this site is great! I love it! I enjoyed blogging, posting in the forums, I chatted some in...

The Obama Addiction

“The Obama Addiction”

What in the hell is “the Obama Addiction!?” It is when a celebrity obsessed-media society is addicted to our new president, Barack Obama. They report on him endlessly because he is a news making figure. He’s interesting, popular, newsworthy,...

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