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Dance Of Love

Dance Of Love

In Our Dance Of Love.. Our Heart Beats With The Rhythm Of Pure Joy.. Everyday We Celebrate An Infinities Of Valentines.....

Miracle Of Love

Miracle Of Love

In The Wet Splash In My Bath... A Miracle Of Love Arises.. Thinking Only Of You......



Give us a kiss!!!...



Happy Valentine's Day...



Cupid takes many forms!!...

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for those who celebrate Valentines Day

for those who celebrate Valentine´s Day

something cute Normal day here in my country like any other day. But there´s a similar date on June 12th when ONLY lovers cele...

The Count tries proposing

The Count tries proposing


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Change In Life

Change In Life

Hello Folks, It has been a spell since my last post on my blog to you, not that I have not been thinking about posting I just got very busy with a...

Yeeehaw Bubbas Valentine poetry jes fer eweonline today!

Yeeehaw ! Bubba's Valentine poetry jes fer ewe !

If THAT don't git you ladies in the mood, I jes don't know what will....

My somewhat scary Valetines eveningonline today!

My somewhat scary Valetine's evening

Sure, Rose is lovely and quite a good cook and very good at giving backrubs too. After the dinner that she prepare...

My FAVORITE Valentine jokeonline today!

My FAVORITE Valentine joke.

It's an oldie, but a goodie. --------------------------------------------------------- A young guy walks into a post office one day an...



Tomorrow is February 14th. I will be in hiding all day. Now I'm not one of the people that hates vday when single. I actually always hate it. Id much...

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