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Lets Party

Let's Party!

It's the weekend -- LET'S PARTY!!!...

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Its the weekendonline today!

It's the weekend !

I'm supposed to play softball in a state tournament on Saturday & Sunday. BUT, its supposed to rain tomorrow and on Sunday hurricane Irene is suppose...

Whats going ononline today!

What's going on

Today was a fun, but partially disappointing day. The best part was that, I woke up alive. That's ALWAYS a good thing....

What goes up

What goes up…

Yep, what goes up must come down eventually. I said so in a previous blog and was questioned about rain coming down while it never went up....

Im doneonline today!

I'm done.

That's it. No more. I've had enough. I'm done. This is the last blog by me, that you will ever hear from me . . . .about softball....

Spring update cherry blossoms magnoliaonline today!

Spring update - cherry blossoms & magnolia

The cherry blossoms & magnolia trees are in bloom ! The cherry blossoms & magnolia trees are in bloom ! The cherry blossoms &...

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