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Is My Boyfriend Cheating On Me

Is My Boyfriend Cheating On Me?

Relationships are a spiritual commitment between 2 souls. Relationships are necessary for our spiritual development. Cheating or unfaithfulness is something that is being "punished" by the universe. The numerology is a powerful tool to get in...

I Cannot Make Up My Mind

I Cannot Make Up My Mind.

I’m in love with two women and I don’t know how to proceed. I really love my girlfriend, but I’m also in love with her son’s mother. Should I come clean and tell them about it, or should I let them fight it out when one of them hears it fr...

The Case Of The Missing Cupcakes

The Case Of The Missing Cupcakes.

Well, let’s get the record straight right from the start. It was not a case of cupcakes. It was a few boxes. 26 cardboard boxes, to be exact, each supposedly containing 144 cupcakes. 3 layers, 8 wide and 6 deep. It is time we come clean on...

forgiveness how good it is

"forgiveness !" good it is ?

in the context of cheating, decieving or similar offences, the perpetrator,on being forgiven, usually feels insulted, bears grudge on who forgives, and at first oppurtunity causes maximum possible damage to who had forgiven him ! this is what i've ob...

cheating the partner

"cheating the partner !"

how to understand cheating ? cheaters won't come forward and explain them selves ! they don't even admit to having done , not to speak of defending them selves ! all cheated people do not react to being cheated, in the same manner ! while some take...



Where do I put my blame? Could it be the wife? No, I don't think so, she seems the trophy wife type. The girlfriend? *shaking my head* maybe poor thing didn't even or still doesn't know he is married. Now men, one of you have to tell me the trueth....

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