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The Boeing B 52 G Stratofortress

The Boeing B-52 G 'Stratofortress'

The B-52, one of the most impressive and stately aircraft to ever take to the skies! A very deadly force to be reckoned with as well serving in severa...

The Bede 5j

The 'Bede 5j'

Jim Bede, designed and built this small plane as a piston-engined, propeller driven model. After numerous tests, and vast popularity due to the plane'...

Arctic Test Of The Airbus a380

Arctic Test Of The Airbus a380

A cold air test of the gigantic Airbus a 380 'Superjumbo Jetliner!' One of aviation's true 'milestones' of the air, as well as one of my favorite plan...

Flying The Microlight Aircraft

'Flying The Microlight Aircraft'

Quicksilver, the most widely known name in microlight aviation! These little planes are a real 'hoot' to fly, and provides one with a true 'open' air...

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