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The Joy Of Scammersonline today!

The Joy Of Scammers.

Where are the scammers lately? Is CS winning the battle against scammers or am I just having bad luck? I know I was absent from class a...

Crackpot Correspondentsonline today!

Crackpot Correspondents

I correspond with a few CS members around the globe. Nothing romantic, just about everyday events, likes and dislikes. This normally last until the co...

the conclusion

the conclusion.

I have come to this conclusion that most everyone on a dating site is running some kind of a scam on the other person. Weather or not its about money...

Say what

Say what !?!?

I swear I just got this first letter (on a site very similar to this one). "hey I like my appointment object is a cultural/adventurous/conser...

We will we will block you

We will, we will block you

(To be sung to Queen's song - 'We will rock you' ) Scammer you’re makin' too much noise today Playin’ on the 'net tryin' to be rich some...

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