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Their True agenda

Their True agenda

The police department is here to protect central bankers, politicians and to serve the so call blacks, Hispanics and native Americans (The true childr...

If you only read one blog this is itonline today!

If you only read one blog, this is it !

You decide which is the truth. Somebody has got it all wrong and getting it right is literally a matter of life and death for many. :hel...

Goldman Sachs Hearing Kabuki Theater Follow th

Goldman Sach's Hearing, Kabuki Theater...Follow th

The Money Trail Blaze's Right Through the Obama Socialist Crime Family!... "Illegal Money Laundering At Best" 'Ocean's Eleven in Overdrive', the mo...

Citizen Surveillance of Border Violence Captures I

Citizen Surveillance of Border Violence Captures I

********Hidden Cameras on the Border As reported on: The War Next Door / Hannity / FOX News Special Hidden video cameras as far as 80 miles North o...

Obama Being Treated for Severe Depression

Obama Being Treated for Severe Depression

Apparently, this blogger, Ulsterman from Washington, interviewed a former White House Insider who left the White House recently. The interview was con...

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