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Grand Turismo Slidin Around The Track

Grand Turismo...'Slidin' Around The Track!'

Call it what you wish, 'drifting' and such. My brother and I don't care about 'labels' we were just having fun 'slippin & slidin' around the track! We...

Go Kart Racing

Go Kart Racing

A couple of crazy characters 'slippin and slidin' around an indoor track in go karts. Sounds like wicked fun right? You bet your 'racing suit' it is!...

Offshore Powerboat Racing

Offshore Powerboat Racing

Whoooaaa..... awesome!!! God... how I miss it so..!!...

White Water Jet Boat Racing

'White Water Jet Boat Racing'

100 MPH on dry land is quite exhilarating, but running at that speed on water is pushing it a bit. However doing 100 in 'white water' is off the hook!...

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