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Grand Turismo Slidin Around The Track

Grand Turismo...'Slidin' Around The Track!'

Call it what you wish, 'drifting' and such. My brother and I don't care about 'labels' we were just having fun 'slippin & slidin' around the track! We...

The Isle of Man

The Isle of Man.....

This is one of the best videos I have come across for clarity. It's a guy running the Isle of Man course pre race. It is great for showing how close a...

Rollin Flippin and Slidin

'Rollin', Flippin', and Slidin'

The calibrations my brother and I made to a pickup truck and SUV made them react in totally 'crazy and wicked' ways! Gran Turismo 5 has never been fun...

Offshore Powerboat Racing

Offshore Powerboat Racing

Whoooaaa..... awesome!!! God... how I miss it so..!!...

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