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Do you believe Or Do you feel

Do you believe? Or Do you feel?

Fishermen in the middle of the ocean come across the most exciting, frightening experience on earth. The Truth....

Fastway Say What You Will

Fastway - Say What You Will




I captured this footage of flying objects in the sky at the rear of my home.. not sure what they are... this is the original footage and it is not edi...

UFO Love To Love

UFO - Love To Love


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Do you believe in UFO Is UFO real

Do you believe in UFO? Is UFO real?

Many claims they witness sightings of UFO especially in the USA. Is it true or they're just hallucinating?...

An UFO Over The Southern Skiesonline today!

An UFO Over The Southern Skies

We had an unidentified flying object traversing our Cape Town airspace for the last two weeks. It had the shape of a bright and shiny ball hanging in...

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