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Unknown 1,149 views 12 sent, 1 comments
ME belongs to YOU always

ME belongs to YOU always. :)

thesunandthesea 1,259 views 7 sent, 1 comments
I was sure when I kissed you

I was sure when I kissed you!

thesunandthesea 1,388 views 4 sent, 1 comments
U R so Perfect 4me

U R so Perfect 4me!

thesunandthesea 4,684 views 4 sent, 1 comments
Baby I love you

"Baby, I love you"

thesunandthesea 5,709 views 9 sent, 1 comments
here is my heart

here is my heart...

thesunandthesea 13,843 views 38 sent, 1 comments
Baby U Paint my HEART

Baby, U Paint my HEART

thesunandthesea 1,721 views 3 sent, 1 comments


thesunandthesea 6,406 views 8 sent, 1 comments
Well make it 4ever

We'll make it 4ever)))

thesunandthesea 3,934 views 12 sent, 3 comments
inSide of youR HuGS

inSide of youR HuGS

thesunandthesea 5,787 views 6 sent, 1 comments
Id rather for my girl

I'd rather. . . (for my girl) ^_^

thesunandthesea 1,385 views 2 sent, 1 comments
The Shortest Distance tween Hearts

The Shortest Distance 'tween Hearts

thesunandthesea 1,571 views 5 sent, 1 comments

THiS I PrOMiSe YoU!!!

thesunandthesea 4,386 views 6 sent, 1 comments
Love me forever

Love me forever

thesunandthesea 12,061 views 8 sent, 1 comments
Im SuRe U R the One 4 Me

I'm SuRe, U R the One 4 Me!

thesunandthesea 1,672 views 11 sent, 1 comments
Share My World With U

Share My World With U

thesunandthesea 1,505 views 7 sent, 2 comments

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