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Let's create the perfect crime! ............. I'LL STEAL YOUR HEART! & YOU'LL STEAL MINE! ................

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fatal date at Roatan

fatal date at Roatan

The most bizar event that happened in my life, I wrote a book about it in dutch and I am busy to translate it...

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A New Crime Wave In My Country

A New Crime Wave In My Country?

My friend John is a citrus farmer about 180 km from Cape Town. One night, a few weeks ago a stone was used to shatter a windowpane in one of his f...

Free at lastonline now!

Free at last !

After 4 years of being imprisoned in an Italian jail, Amanda Knox comes home to Seattle today.

Help Rape

Help Rape!

Rape is the most intimate and personal violation thinkable and should be punished to the maximum extent within the law. There is no excuse or mitigati...

Just In Time

Just In Time

It would appear that I moved just in time from that granny flat in my sister’s backyard. On Friday, while they were at work, they became the victims o...

An Eye For An Eye

An Eye For An Eye

I don’t believe that somebody who willfully deprived another person of his life, deserves to live. I’m not talking about killing somebody in self def...

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