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Saltarello Medieval dance tune

Saltarello- Medieval dance tune

Saltarello was a medieval type of dance-tune, and I would imagine it must have been something for people who where agile... Very, very agile... :laug...

Pavana Capella de Mvsica alta

Pavana - Capella de Mvsica alta

Pavana - Capella de Mvsica alta Pavana: 1a peça de la Suite XVI del Banchetto Musicale de Schein. Festival de Música antiga del Camp de Tarragona, e...

Correno multi cani 15th century song

Correno multi cani- 15th century song

Renaissance song from Naples/Italy, Ensemble Micrologus...

Monteverdi Lamento dArianna

Monteverdi: Lamento d'Arianna

Monteverdi: Lamento d'Arianna...

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