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yes heaven can be found on earth too! LOVERS.. enjoy it...

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Tickets To Heaven

Tickets To Heaven!!

What will be next? A man and his wife were arrested in Florida for selling faked tickets to heaven to hundreds of people. They sold wood tablets (spra...

Im in Heavenonline today!

I'm in Heaven !

About 1/2 hour ago, I got home from doing some food shopping. After I unloaded the car and put things away, I wolfed down a bowl of whole wheat p...

To H E L L And Back Again

To H E L L And Back Again.

Quite a few people have claimed to have died and returned. I am one of those lucky souls who made the journey there and was allowed to return and tell...

Five Steps To Heaven

Five Steps To Heaven.

Fish also go to heaven. It is just a more complicated process but they do eventually end up there. I am happy to declare that I have been instr...

Rejected By The Devil

Rejected By The Devil!

Did you ever have a near death experience? Well I had. It happened while I was typing a blog. Just as I was about to click on the ‘Save...

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