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yes heaven can be found on earth too! LOVERS.. enjoy it...

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To H E L L And Back Again

To H E L L And Back Again.

Quite a few people have claimed to have died and returned. I am one of those lucky souls who made the journey there and was allowed to return and tell...

Tea And Cookies All Day

Tea And Cookies All Day?

If you worry, you will die. If you don’t worry, you will still die. Then why all the worries? It only leads to more worries. In essence you...

hell and heaven

"hell and heaven"!

ignorance is hell ! awareness is heaven ! any comments ?...

Five Steps To Heaven

Five Steps To Heaven.

Fish also go to heaven. It is just a more complicated process but they do eventually end up there. I am happy to declare that I have been instr...

A Typical Day At The Pearly Gates

A Typical Day At The Pearly Gates.

While doing my rounds the other day, I happened to be passing by the pearly gates and stood around for a while to watch the proceedings. I wo...

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