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Talk About Surprise Endings

'Talk About Surprise Endings'

Making a 'video' comparison of cell phone video cameras with a 'crazy' ending! Enjoy!...

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Profiles Tell Us Nothing

Profiles Tell Us Nothing!

I seldom bother to look at profiles because it is often just a mixture of who people think they are and what they want other to believe. On...



I should have taken my late grandfathers advice when he said that women were made to love; not to understand. Now, with hindsight, it makes perfect se...

What The Eyes Cannot See

What The Eyes Cannot See

I stood there looking at her; she had caught me by surprise when she greeted me by name as I walked into the office. “How did you know i...

Fireonline today!

Fire !!

Don't worry. The blogs aren't on fire. But, earlier my legs were ! At least it seemed that way. Today was mostly overcast...

Joke of the day Dream of Pearlsonline today!

Joke of the day - Dream of Pearls

A young woman was taking an afternoon nap. After she woke up, she told her husband, "I just dreamed, that you gave me a pearl necklace fo...

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