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You brighten my days

You brighten my days

You brighten my days Like the flowers of May...



Cupid takes many forms!!...

I Love Your Style

I Love Your Style

Bold.. Confident.. Colorful.. I Love Your Style.. Come On Babe.. Let's Shake A Tail Feather!!...



give me your Christmas dinner leftovers - Thank you!...

Feathers Fur

Feathers & Fur

Great Friends Always Accentuate The Positive, With Respect, Understanding,And Consideration!...

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Chewy does Mamma Mia

Chewy does Mamma Mia

You've seen Snowball... now it's time for You Tube's other little star - Chewy She eve...

Eat youre heart out Michael Jackson funny bird

Eat you're heart out Michael Jackson! (funny bird)

There's nothing sexier than a guy who can dance!! The Mannequin Bird doing his best to sh...

The Albatross

The Albatross

I took a boat trip in New Zealand last year to try and see this magnificent bird... sadly they were elusive on that day... I don't regret it, the anti...

Do you like Pina Coladas

Do you like Pina Coladas....

... and getting caught in the rain ... Well, here's my video of Snowball, doing it again! :bana...

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Nature Photos for you to seeonline now!

Nature Photos for you to see

A couple of days ago I posted a photoalbum on another site containing 46 photos all of which were photographed by me on 2/20/2012 while in Florida....

Wild Birds Facials Photos includedonline now!

Wild Birds... Facials ! Photos included !

Hoping you get the irony of the title as it lies above another blog. Anyway, I just posted a photoalbum on another site containing...

I miss the hummingbirds already

I miss the hummingbirds already

Being in prison, you don't get to see very much of nature. But when we do get to go outside, I drink in everything I can see, and I appreciate it...

NEW nature photos for your viewing pleasureonline now!

NEW nature photos for your viewing pleasure

Here are 50 very recent (within the last month) photos that I snapped for your viewing pleasure. I just posted this photoalbum late last night....

Nature Photos wild birds sunsetonline now!

Nature Photos; wild birds & sunset

Several people have been e-mailing me and asking why I haven't been posting any nature photos recently. Well, I've been very busy having fun. :ap...

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