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Country Critters





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Scrat the Squirrel His Nut Autumnwatch

Scrat the Squirrel & His Nut + "Autumnwatch"

Anyone watching BBC "Autumnwatch"?? Fact of the Day: Grey squirrels can cache up to 3000 nuts/acorns and remember wh...

Zumba Bram on Autumnwatch

Zumba & Bram on Autumnwatch

I love corvids!! They are just so inquisitive and such clever birds!! Bram found his s...

Cordyceps Attack of the Killer Fungi

Cordyceps - Attack of the Killer Fungi


Alaskan Moose Conservation

Alaskan Moose Conservation

I love moose!!!! Found this video of a really cute moose - it is set...

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Wildlife Waronline today!

Wildlife War

Africa is centre of a ‘wildlife war’ that the world is losing. A year on since 46 countries signed up to the ‘London declaration’ to eradicate the tr...

A Walk on the Wild Side

A Walk on the Wild Side....

Well....only wild in the sense that it was extremely windy yesterday!! Went to see the bluebell wood, just down the...

Getting tailonline today!

Getting tail

As some of you are aware, I post a large number of photos on another site for sale each week, a big whopping $20 each. However, since this site...

Amazing story IF its trueonline today!

Amazing story, IF it's true

Today a 69 year old man was hiking in the woods in Paradise, California. This isn't unusual, he's been hiking these woods for close to 60 years....

Amazing Swifts Unlikely Playmates

Amazing Swifts & Unlikely Playmates!....

Yippee! ... the Swifts have reached 56 degrees north!!!! They are now basking in a balmy 14 degrees Swif...

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