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Black Metal Satanica

Black Metal Satanica

BLACK METAL SATANICA is an in-depth documentary capturing the dark, mystical and evil history of the Black Metal genre. Based on Scandinavia...

Hin Onde Fimbulwinter

Hin Onde - Fimbulwinter

Hin Onde - Fimbulwinter (Album: Songs Of Battle, Year: 2000, Genre: Folk/Viking Metal, Label: Aftermath Music)...

Draugl Furore Normanorum

Draugûl - Furore Normanorum

Draugûl - Furore Normanorum (Album: The Voyager, Year: 2013, Genre: Epic Viking/Black Metal, Label: Pesttanz Klangschmiede) [size...

Falkenbach Havamal

Falkenbach - Havamal

Falkenbach - Havamal (Album: Heralding: The Fireblade, Year: 2005, Genre: Folk/Pagan/Viking Metal, Label: Napalm Records)...

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Amon Amarth Swedish Death Metal Band

Amon Amarth (Swedish Death Metal Band)

I am a big fan of Swedish Melodic Death Metal and it is time for my first review of a Swedish Melodic Death Metal Band. This band is one of my...

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