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"it's a feeling - a heartbeat"...

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Nazareth This Flight Tonight

Nazareth - This Flight Tonight

with scenes from Blade Runner...

Pink Panther Learning English

Pink Panther - Learning English!!!!

Ay weaoooood like toa beeeeay de aramamburgerrrrrrrr!!! Beware, if you have a warped sense of humour like me.... Don't try this one...

Benny Joon

Benny & Joon

have just watched this wonderful film - Johnny Depp does it again....playing a strange, quirky but loveable character who lives...



There's More to Life Than Being a Passenger!! For as long as I can remember, I have wanted...

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Cultured and Arty me

Cultured and Arty......me???????

I like independent films and French Parisian music, but this week the culture went right out of the window as I thoroughly enjo...

B Films

B- Films

Hello my name is Yadaska And I thought I would share with you, my love for B movies. Today I'm going to review Forbidden World

A Walk on the Wild Side

A Walk on the Wild Side....

Well....only wild in the sense that it was extremely windy yesterday!! Went to see the bluebell wood, just down the...

I Cannot Understand

I Cannot Understand...

A very sweet sounding lassie aged 32 contacted me the other day from New Scamland (formerly known as the USA). This was after she had visited my p...

My top 105 Favorite movies of all timeonline now!

My top 105 Favorite movies of all time.

Look, I know you're not the quickie type of person, or are you ? :surprised: I realize a top 10 list might leave you somewhat unsatisfied and unfu...

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