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Last Breath

Last Breath

last breath must hear!! must see!!...

Islam 101 an introduction

Islam 101 - an introduction.

Welcome to this 9 part series on the basics of Islam! This session is the introduction, and it includes a brief glimpse into the world of Muslims....

Why Abdul Raheem Green Came to Islam

Why Abdul Raheem Green Came to Islam

During the time of Jesus, He was the Truth the Life and the way, during the time of Moses he was the way the truth and the life, during the time of Mo...

Iraqi children

Iraqi children


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Hinduism A Religion Or A Way of Living

Hinduism – A Religion Or A Way of Living?

Referred to as the oldest religion on earth, Hinduism boasts about a billion followers, mostly on the subcontinent of India. This makes them th...

Why all the fight over religion No US against TH

Why all the fight over religion?? No US against TH

I have read the Bible, Old Testament, The Quran, the Gita, Karbala, Buddha (which is not a religion but a philosophy of life), etc. If it is in a book...

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