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Tag NameOrder by Most ViewedAllWomenMenBlogsVideoseCardsCreatedTagged
Expat Singles UK01138 mins ago38 mins ago
ExpatSingles01139 mins ago39 mins ago
Expat Singles01139 mins ago39 mins ago
desnuda513 hrs ago13 hrs ago
nudist1,12215213May 200913 hrs ago
down to earth1,660265114151Feb 200619 hrs ago
classic rock1,7614063545326Jan 200419 hrs ago
caring1,965281119146106Dec 200819 hrs ago
coffee1,5871576778210Jul 200519 hrs ago
adventure2,07823277141842Aug 200219 hrs ago
long term relationship1,8772771121641Apr 200919 hrs ago
animal lover2,38130514815511Feb 200919 hrs ago
photography2,89638411819257143Mar 200319 hrs ago
beach2,7833911512095224May 200519 hrs ago
walking2,41743519523811Feb 200319 hrs ago
am looking for serious relationship22,042442172270Nov 201019 hrs ago
romantic3,61858217228264280Mar 200819 hrs ago
affectionate2,548470178292Dec 200819 hrs ago
outdoors2,58950418931041Sep 200419 hrs ago
love9,3851,319167370247160375Aug 200219 hrs ago
cuddling2,824557192365Nov 200219 hrs ago
nature4,098724243338744920Aug 200419 hrs ago
camping3,3006112233853Apr 200219 hrs ago
travel9,37589733350722332Mar 200219 hrs ago
spiritual1,6851194466153Jan 200921 hrs ago
Nature loving41121 hrs ago21 hrs ago
gardening2,1422121011101Jun 200423 hrs ago
writing1,9132068111213Aug 200223 hrs ago
integrity890221012Feb 2009Jul 12
healthy lifestyle1,0132413101Mar 2002Jul 12
literature883261016Sep 2004Jul 12
empathy1,2452812151Dec 2008Jul 12
communication1,38842141783Jul 2009Jul 12
true love1,551571422849Apr 2009Jul 12
trust1,3295115241011Apr 2009Jul 12
languages1,36147182531May 2004Jul 12
a simple lifestyle1,026512229Sep 2010Jul 12
being positive972602832May 2009Jul 12
creative1,29186265532Jan 2009Jul 12
chocolate1,605752638317Feb 2006Jul 11
star trek1,130195113Apr 2009Jul 11
naughty2,619363285Jun 2009Jul 11
50s and 60s music921371126Mar 2009Jul 11
70s music1,3616726374Oct 2009Jul 11
Family and fiends311Jul 11Jul 11
s*xual addiction411Jul 11Jul 11
jogging1,3378829581Aug 2004Jul 11
laugh1,2712288222Feb 2009Jul 11
good time162321Aug 2010Jul 11
hug1,0462115114Jun 2009Jul 11
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