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I hate porn0111 hrs ago1 hrs ago
feminist5222Dec 20171 hrs ago
Bernie0111 hrs ago1 hrs ago
romantic8653267811564780Mar 200816 hrs ago
Cosmic Energy01116 hrs ago16 hrs ago
The Now01116 hrs ago16 hrs ago
Cinematheatreeatingout018 hrs ago18 hrs ago
yoga4213714221Jun 200518 hrs ago
cats1,674156403621167Sep 2004Sep 24
humor2,31034429502605Apr 2005Sep 24
intelligent4049239494Dec 2008Sep 24
a good woman for a good man503944252Jul 2009Sep 24
adventure5781364084822Aug 2002Sep 24
romance84733547892546128Feb 2003Sep 24
animal lover745150777111Feb 2009Sep 24
a good sense of humour47417876102Nov 2011Sep 24
honest6382418914381Dec 2008Sep 24
affectionate66624691155Dec 2008Sep 24
am looking for serious relationship11,65120881127Nov 2010Sep 24
asexual5011Jul 2009Sep 24
a good man for a good woman380591643Aug 2011Sep 24
4 wheeling3111046Jan 2009Sep 24
wellness18971222Apr 2012Sep 24
True to God19211Aug 18Sep 24
cars4677513242351Sep 2004Sep 24
down to earth4531044262Feb 2006Sep 24
adult fun1,5821111299Apr 2009Sep 24
kissing785192361142139Jan 2005Sep 24
love3,4211,08375169245191403Aug 2002Sep 24
cuddling787308107201Nov 2002Sep 24
fun3,3672306411628166Jan 2008Sep 24
travel3,31856020230321322Mar 2002Sep 24
passionate4487419541Dec 2008Sep 24
loving42677254651Sep 2005Sep 24
honesty61813343761211Aug 2004Sep 24
loyal40910542603Jan 2009Sep 24
caring4871425966107Dec 2008Sep 24
age is just a number5581082682Aug 2010Sep 24
walking swimming011Sep 24Sep 24
walks24124618Jan 2006Sep 23
friends644148263152534Mar 2003Sep 23
Music531248Jul 28Sep 23
Formula 1211Sep 23Sep 23
gardening52812958701Jun 2004Sep 23
when will i find my soul mate2141367Sep 2012Sep 22
writing571137527213Aug 2002Sep 22
trustworthy2803814231Feb 2009Sep 22
spontaneous39344202211Mar 2008Sep 22
soulmate44047162371Dec 2008Sep 22
sailing4404414282Nov 2004Sep 22
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