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Tag NameAllWomenMenBlogsVideoseCardsCreatedTagged
loyal49812346743Jan 200932 mins ago
CULBBING41123 hrs ago23 hrs ago
beer party gallipolis crown city411Nov 18Nov 18
Art21213661Jun 24Nov 17
food trips0Nov 17Nov 17
beach1,0272661061285324May 2005Nov 17
family6931949177251Mar 2003Nov 17
kissing962213451262139Jan 2005Nov 16
playing instruments4022Jan 2015Nov 16
Sapiosexual011Nov 16Nov 16
meditation562582428132Mar 2005Nov 16
walking83626812713911Feb 2003Nov 16
paranormal38616763Jun 2005Nov 16
spirituality52554202644Jul 2005Nov 16
writing682150597813Aug 2002Nov 16
dancing3,2023721931256417Mar 2002Nov 16
singing51571323225Nov 2004Nov 16
Music104271413Jul 28Nov 16
Traveling33835Sep 20Nov 16
animal lover868174898311Feb 2009Nov 16
Music interests2811Aug 19Nov 16
Mantras Yoga Literature International Trade311Nov 16Nov 16
affectionate and honest347381424Feb 2011Nov 15
intimacy399424353Mar 2009Nov 15
video games4494683521Apr 2004Nov 15
rock music46366143121Jul 2004Nov 15
soulmate52054182871Dec 2008Nov 15
christian6208138246121Jan 2008Nov 15
compassionate4145323291Jan 2009Nov 15
laughing475772825123Jan 2005Nov 15
faithful359632142Feb 2009Nov 15
honesty is the key to any good relationship393672443Jul 2010Nov 15
passionate5469023661Dec 2008Nov 15
humor2,48936536642605Apr 2005Nov 15
football58895196628Mar 2003Nov 15
intelligent49510846584Dec 2008Nov 15
caring6101586576107Dec 2008Nov 15
romance1,084353541002546128Feb 2003Nov 15
honesty76115350891211Aug 2004Nov 15
a good sense of humour56921589126Nov 2011Nov 15
romantic1,0973639413664780Mar 2008Nov 15
am looking for serious relationship12,67024195146Nov 2010Nov 15
affectionate791279105174Dec 2008Nov 15
honest79829011117081Dec 2008Nov 15
love3,6891,12085196245191403Aug 2002Nov 15
cuddling974339122217Nov 2002Nov 15
marriage83114238652919Sep 2008Nov 15
long term relationship52512750761Apr 2009Nov 15
Investor modern writing auditing spiritual611Nov 15Nov 15
Reading36826Sep 17Nov 15

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