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Tag NameAllWomenMenBlogsVideoseCardsCreatedTagged
astronomy6403613203May 20054 hrs ago
school3551511103Jul 20054 hrs ago
aerobics4207331Jun 20054 hrs ago
Learning New Activities0115 hrs ago5 hrs ago
karaoke45222895Feb 20057 hrs ago
cinema786902352114Feb 20047 hrs ago
movies301431429Jun 20187 hrs ago
travel4,96767924338021332Mar 20027 hrs ago
eating out47717512Mar 20027 hrs ago
motorsport4622Nov 20107 hrs ago
singing72482334324Nov 20047 hrs ago
live music5894923224Jun 20057 hrs ago
biker87413May 20107 hrs ago
respect6285113299Jan 200911 hrs ago
Art3562714121Jun 201811 hrs ago
hugs7355314202314Sep 200511 hrs ago
artist75858183424Jan 200911 hrs ago
meditation817672932132Mar 200511 hrs ago
museums505643034Aug 200311 hrs ago
walking1,18731414516711Feb 200311 hrs ago
photography1,4803289615857143Mar 200311 hrs ago
family94521810290251Mar 200311 hrs ago
gardening1,03715874831Jun 200411 hrs ago
cooking2,92048522125932Aug 200211 hrs ago
nature2,059560173242745120Aug 200411 hrs ago
skiing498235162Apr 200419 hrs ago
I am caring65211Nov 201719 hrs ago
reading drawing tea dancing rolerskating music115211Sep 2017Apr 19
Jazz128532Jul 2018Apr 19
app8,742802753Jun 2009Apr 18
long term relationship78616667981Apr 2009Apr 18
romance1,545386661242543128Feb 2003Apr 18
love4,3431,169106243245172403Aug 2002Apr 18
Looking for a friend nothin else111Apr 17Apr 17
soulmate74975293871Dec 2008Apr 17
coffee7671084749210Jul 2005Apr 17
a good woman for a good man8701225171Jul 2009Apr 17
beach1,3932951171475224May 2005Apr 17
romantic1,60041511417164480Mar 2008Apr 17
honest1,32335713920981Dec 2008Apr 17
travelling1,0411737110011Dec 2008Apr 17
caring88319376100107Dec 2008Apr 17
kissing1,303246541502139Jan 2005Apr 17
cats2,07717551462967Sep 2004Apr 17
dogs3,310247788351962Jun 2004Apr 17
writing907163638713Aug 2002Apr 17
down to earth8211626894Feb 2006Apr 17
a good sense of humour819265108157Nov 2011Apr 17
fun3,8322928615628166Jan 2008Apr 17
cuddling1,384393141252Nov 2002Apr 17
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