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Seeking very serious and long term relationship0114 hrs ago4 hrs ago
Jennifer Aniston233111Dec 20096 hrs ago
playing pool37413Oct 20096 hrs ago
cuddling22318465119Nov 20026 hrs ago
watching movies64716Jan 20096 hrs ago
fun1,163134275629166Jan 20089 hrs ago
fitness136441227311Sep 20049 hrs ago
exercise88218103Mar 200414 hrs ago
cooking26627613313832Aug 200214 hrs ago
Not Sure114 hrs ago14 hrs ago
writer113209911Dec 200814 hrs ago
preacher933Dec 201214 hrs ago
artist14937112024Jan 200914 hrs ago
birthday6619928Mar 200814 hrs ago
personal development11211Feb 1624 hrs ago
love marriage20312Jun 201324 hrs ago
geography1844Apr 200724 hrs ago
enjoys relaxing at home26422Mar 200924 hrs ago
knowledge86144721Jun 200824 hrs ago
romantic213218355064780Mar 200824 hrs ago
195321124 hrs ago24 hrs ago
ABC 195331124 hrs ago24 hrs ago
animals1,0164297666780200Oct 200224 hrs ago
jogging1483610251Aug 200424 hrs ago
flower6513184Apr 200924 hrs ago
love2,3739593685244190404Aug 2002Feb 22
beach25116255755324May 2005Feb 22
sports146881748419Aug 2002Feb 22
sex35312Jan 21Feb 22
sunshine1191824318Sep 2008Feb 22
good food929261Apr 2009Feb 22
travel1,96441114121521322Mar 2002Feb 22
movie10542871116Feb 2009Feb 22
travelling17183315011Dec 2008Feb 22
research and development311Feb 22Feb 22
poetry184111244624107Feb 2004Feb 22
reading8630014115531Mar 2002Feb 22
music2,386891179278563708Aug 2002Feb 22
am looking for serious relationship4,4821013665Nov 2010Feb 22
photography223220549257143Mar 2003Feb 22
dancing266265128836417Mar 2002Feb 22
joy125121524Apr 2009Feb 21
Beaching411Feb 21Feb 21
nature29732274105744920Aug 2004Feb 21
affection90195131Dec 2005Feb 20
outdoors2051896212241Sep 2004Feb 20
fishing2302055713963Apr 2002Feb 20
skype1,960202162May 2010Feb 20
movies26031811114215491Aug 2002Feb 20
camping3853231052153Apr 2002Feb 20
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