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Tag NameOrder by Most ViewedAllWomenMenBlogsVideoseCardsCreatedTagged
honesty4,6672397215611Aug 200415 hrs ago
healthy2,150945Jun 2009Dec 1
loyal3,641198651312Jan 2009Dec 1
hugs3,238371218232Sep 2005Dec 1
generous766422Mar 2009Dec 1
fun7,585315811882719Jan 2008Dec 1
lonely3,1922641192Aug 2009Dec 1
romantic7,7904191212429416Mar 2008Dec 1
travel14,73076124345728321Mar 2002Dec 1
Nice wine011Dec 1Dec 1
camping6,8124841543273Apr 2002Nov 28
cooking8,20951320530323Aug 2002Nov 28
Sight seeing540321Sep 2018Nov 28
travelling4,321193691222Dec 2008Nov 28
poetry music art nature camping witchcraft011Nov 28Nov 28
love14,37183710532023915122Aug 2002Nov 28
am looking for serious relationship26,363366124242Nov 2010Nov 28
Adventure passion humor311Nov 27Nov 27
selfless56133Jun 2012Nov 27
zoo2,557112522Feb 2007Nov 27
writing5,508152538811Aug 2002Nov 27
winter2,655113341May 2005Nov 27
wildlife4,22050813920Sep 2005Nov 27
When will I find my soulmate011Nov 27Nov 27
watching movies1,96121615Jan 2009Nov 27
walking5,44836214021912Feb 2003Nov 27
understanding2,4013712187Feb 2009Nov 27
tv series1,770231220Nov 2009Nov 27
tv4,22365615539Oct 2003Nov 27
truth2,7184744309Oct 2007Nov 27
trustworthy2,4375419341Feb 2009Nov 27
trust2,97339820911Apr 2009Nov 27
true love3,28045102582Apr 2009Nov 27
trees2,32210235Jan 2009Nov 27
thoughtful1,73616610May 2009Nov 27
television2,110223217Nov 2005Nov 27
tea2,1469252Oct 2005Nov 27
sweet2,9852591051Jan 2008Nov 27
sunsets2,102271215Feb 2005Nov 27
sunshine2,9741533216Sep 2008Nov 27
sports1,49326323Oct 2018Nov 27
spirituality3,0571271631764Jul 2005Nov 27
soulmate3,0627723504Dec 2008Nov 27
snuggling2,09019811Aug 2005Nov 27
single2,62358143113Dec 2008Nov 27
sincere2,2583811261May 2009Nov 27
simple down to earth easy going1,736835Nov 2009Nov 27
Showing love1,694918May 2018Nov 27
serious relationship3,6443513211Apr 2009Nov 27
sensitive2,252254192Dec 2008Nov 27
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