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Tag NameOrder by Most ViewedAllWomenMenBlogsVideoseCardsCreatedTagged
monogamous7651064Jul 20103 hrs ago
honesty is the key to any good relationship1,44516562103Jul 20103 hrs ago
loyal2,0572621041553Jan 20093 hrs ago
caring2,501309127166106Dec 20083 hrs ago
a good sense of humour2,370465188277Nov 20113 hrs ago
am looking for serious relationship23,265487189298Nov 20103 hrs ago
writing3,0622198811813Aug 20023 hrs ago
honest3,67861624835981Dec 20083 hrs ago
nature5,619789268378744920Aug 20043 hrs ago
travel10,50997136554922332Mar 20023 hrs ago
boxing1,6541941131Apr 200411 hrs ago
sports62328226Oct 201812 hrs ago
beach3,4904271632335224May 200512 hrs ago
movies1,1881616398Jun 201812 hrs ago
fitness2,1261123275311Sep 200412 hrs ago
martial arts1,3923032232Apr 200412 hrs ago
serious relationship1,7904517271Apr 2009May 17
Marriage Seeking011May 17May 17
Seeking Marriage 2021111May 17May 17
massage1,8768217641Nov 2005May 17
fun5,56642712924829156Jan 2008May 17
watch movies211May 17May 17
dinning out777963Jul 2009May 17
yoga1,5686226351Jun 2005May 17
Connect With Single Chunkymark Fans Online011May 16May 16
swinging parties groups211May 16May 16
Meet Chunkymark Fans Online011May 16May 16
Connecting Chunkymark Fans9911Jan 2019May 16
Music1,444252941562Jul 2018May 14
Marriage Minded Seeking Marriage Minded611May 14May 14
Marriage Singles Seeking Marriage Singles611May 14May 14
Ruby211May 14May 14
i really need someone who can truly love me794927Sep 2012May 14
travelling2,49327311615511Dec 2008May 13
dogs6,38032611712252062Jun 2004May 13
cinema2,0701364378114Feb 2004May 13
swimming music theatre walks211May 13May 13
loving1,9151695810551Sep 2005May 13
dancing6,5235542922096407Mar 2002May 13
affectionate3,109519194325Dec 2008May 13
love10,4821,374183409247160375Aug 2002May 13
cuddling3,488608207401Nov 2002May 13
cooking5,26770933237232Aug 2002May 13
hook up3156132Feb 2009May 12
children1,686561717175Sep 2004May 11
kids1,5032811629Aug 2004May 11
dedicated3786141Mar 2009May 11
friendly1,293309201Jun 2009May 11
humble420624May 2009May 11
asian1,13921417Mar 2009May 11
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