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poetry411124335024107Feb 20043 hrs ago
aesthetics37211Jun 20163 hrs ago
reading58639118120631Mar 20026 hrs ago
Music movies books dogs church bargain hunting0116 hrs ago6 hrs ago
language15110181Jan 20087 hrs ago
discover2511Sep 20137 hrs ago
adventure4031153370822Aug 20027 hrs ago
the wild side0117 hrs ago7 hrs ago
compassion2302271221Dec 20087 hrs ago
laughing277632217123Jan 20057 hrs ago
trekking1491111Apr 20067 hrs ago
rock climbing9455Apr 20057 hrs ago
cooking74436217018732Aug 20027 hrs ago
travel2,70850418626321322Mar 20027 hrs ago
humor98232925392605Apr 200519 hrs ago
dogs1,461199585452062Jun 200419 hrs ago
animal lover536128666011Feb 200919 hrs ago
kissing52016431912139Jan 200519 hrs ago
a good sense of humour3151295376Nov 201119 hrs ago
swimming431137538112Apr 200219 hrs ago
am looking for serious relationship10,11117467107Nov 201022 hrs ago
honest4531917211081Dec 200822 hrs ago
Romance humour marriage friendship honesty01123 hrs ago23 hrs ago
dining1408611Feb 200924 hrs ago
movies31633Jun 2724 hrs ago
walking48920610010411Feb 200324 hrs ago
intelligence2443491771Feb 2009Jul 20
affection226288191Dec 2005Jul 20
dance856145161131096Sep 2002Jul 20
culture21934141433Feb 2009Jul 20
being positive207331716May 2009Jul 20
holding hands27240821110Sep 2005Jul 20
wine306441119518May 2005Jul 20
live music2293519124Jun 2005Jul 20
trustworthy1923211201Feb 2009Jul 20
dining out221331815Apr 2002Jul 20
compassionate2513516181Jan 2009Jul 20
rock music25955112321Jul 2004Jul 20
kind2853614211Dec 2008Jul 20
dog lover431422517Mar 2009Jul 20
animal and nature lover241402218Aug 2010Jul 20
open minded40239633Jan 2009Jul 20
70s music3014518234Oct 2009Jul 20
honesty is the key to any good relationship234421626Jul 2010Jul 20
laughter258602716314Jun 2005Jul 20
classic rock5134082121366Jan 2004Jul 20
faithful210451530Feb 2009Jul 20
concerts26469212721Jul 2002Jul 20
conversation2505230193Jul 2005Jul 20
passionate2825615401Dec 2008Jul 20

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