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Tag NameAllWomenMenBlogsVideoseCardsCreatedTagged
music2,8761,006225349563688Aug 20028 hrs ago
camping7343811252533Apr 200224 hrs ago
travel2,50047817225121322Mar 200213 hrs ago
movies56940814519815491Aug 200213 hrs ago
reading37836917019531Mar 200221 hrs ago
cooking59434015917632Aug 200221 hrs ago
cuddling47825586169Nov 200224 hrs ago
outdoors4402578516741Sep 2004Jun 14
fishing4912407215963Apr 200224 hrs ago
nature629395106146744920Aug 200421 hrs ago
art1,648257731337368Apr 2002Jun 14
love2,8271,02456129245191403Aug 200224 hrs ago
affectionate39519168123Dec 200821 hrs ago
hiking284182591221Jun 2004Jun 12
photography4442526511357143Mar 200313 hrs ago
traveling3961917411331May 200313 hrs ago
dancing6463091521036417Mar 2002Jun 17
honest3651706010181Dec 200824 hrs ago
am looking for serious relationship8,77715959100Nov 201024 hrs ago
beach54820373985324May 200511 hrs ago
walking399183869511Feb 20039 hrs ago
animals1,41647810388780200Oct 2002Jun 14
romantic443273538764780Mar 200811 hrs ago
fun1,345180438728166Jan 200824 hrs ago
kissing42715228822139Jan 200524 hrs ago
adult fun1,01185877Apr 200924 hrs ago
swimming365124457612Apr 200211 hrs ago
romance48829832672546128Feb 200314 hrs ago
age is just a number340831667Aug 201024 hrs ago
travelling312109416611Dec 200824 hrs ago
sports2921082065419Aug 200224 hrs ago
a good sense of humour2441084365Nov 201124 hrs ago
history310100256447Nov 2002May 31
adventure3441053063822Aug 200224 hrs ago
writing330115416113Aug 200221 hrs ago
football26684146127Mar 200324 hrs ago
gardening28311050591Jun 2004Jun 14
animal lover452118605611Feb 2009Jun 13
honesty3519630521211Aug 200424 hrs ago
biking190641252Aug 200524 hrs ago
poetry347120295024107Feb 2004Jun 14
dogs1,354187524852062Jun 2004Jun 11
caring2741104548107Dec 200824 hrs ago
marriage36811226472919Sep 200824 hrs ago
motorcycles3128027476Jan 200324 hrs ago
family3421346246251Mar 200324 hrs ago
guitar25511854510571Feb 200524 hrs ago
long term relationship2387429441Apr 200924 hrs ago
cycling2995884361Nov 200424 hrs ago
loyal2367328423Jan 200924 hrs ago
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