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Tag NameAllWomenMenBlogsVideoseCardsCreatedTagged
travel4,05960922532921322Mar 2002Dec 13
camping1,4274471592853Apr 2002Dec 13
cooking2,53743020122432Aug 2002Dec 15
cuddling1,065345125220Nov 2002Dec 15
outdoors96233512021041Sep 2004Dec 13
nature1,562502154205744920Aug 2004Dec 13
love3,8101,12788200245191403Aug 2002Dec 11
fishing2,2172909318773Apr 2002Dec 6
affectionate860285108177Dec 2008Dec 11
honest91329911617481Dec 2008Dec 13
am looking for serious relationship13,063252100152Nov 2010Dec 11
walking90427513114211Feb 2003Dec 11
romantic1,1953719814064780Mar 2008Dec 11
photography1,1413028814057143Mar 2003Dec 4
fun3,5692597413528166Jan 2008Dec 11
beach1,0982691081295324May 2005Dec 6
a good sense of humour61922192129Nov 2011Dec 11
kissing1,028218471292139Jan 2005Dec 11
dancing3,3153741951256417Mar 2002Dec 1
adult fun1,97713218114Apr 2009Nov 30
romance1,174359561042546128Feb 2003Dec 11
adventure7581595097822Aug 2002Dec 4
age is just a number6831263195Aug 2010Nov 30
honesty83516054921211Aug 2004Dec 11
travelling751154658711Dec 2008Dec 15
animal lover951178918511Feb 2009Dec 11
long term relationship58213654811Apr 2009Dec 11
family7351979279251Mar 2003Dec 11
caring6611626679107Dec 2008Dec 11
writing719151607813Aug 2002Dec 6
loyal55812849763Jan 2009Dec 11
down to earth6151366175Feb 2006Dec 11
gardening75813862751Jun 2004Nov 26
dogs3,052234737452062Jun 2004Nov 24
passionate6099726701Dec 2008Dec 12
football63497196828Mar 2003Nov 30
marriage91414640672919Sep 2008Dec 6
humor2,56137039662605Apr 2005Dec 12
a good woman for a good man6861074661Jul 2009Dec 11
intelligent54611349604Dec 200813 hrs ago
poetry748141406024107Feb 2004Nov 13
motorcycles65410036586Jan 2003Nov 7
friendship741159435722235Dec 2008Dec 11
biking428711556Aug 2005Dec 4
guitar58712875310571Feb 2005Oct 30
loving54686285251Sep 2005Dec 11
adventurous4637930481Dec 2008Dec 4
open minded825581048Jan 2009Dec 4
cycling63365124661Nov 2004Dec 4
app7,285732746Jun 2009Dec 8
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