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Tag NameAllWomenMenBlogsVideoseCardsCreatedTagged
travel3,21755820230121322Mar 20025 hrs ago
camping1,1094221442753Apr 20024 hrs ago
cooking2,15339718420832Aug 20024 hrs ago
nature1,163454133178744920Aug 20044 hrs ago
cuddling769307106201Nov 20025 hrs ago
dancing2,8363561811216417Mar 20025 hrs ago
outdoors75230110119541Sep 20044 hrs ago
fishing1,9962718517673Apr 2002Sep 17
affectionate65824389154Dec 20085 hrs ago
love3,3721,07973167245191403Aug 20025 hrs ago
walking68024111512411Feb 20035 hrs ago
honest6222348613981Dec 20085 hrs ago
photography8282847713357143Mar 2003Sep 16
beach843239891185324May 20055 hrs ago
am looking for serious relationship11,49220578127Nov 20104 hrs ago
romantic8183207511264780Mar 2008Sep 18
fun3,3502276311428166Jan 20085 hrs ago
a good sense of humour4621727498Nov 20115 hrs ago
kissing761191361132139Jan 2005Sep 16
animal lover709147766911Feb 2009Sep 16
family5731697964251Mar 2003Sep 18
romance82333347872546128Feb 2003Sep 18
dogs2,817218646752062Jun 2004Sep 14
travelling511129527511Dec 2008Sep 18
gardening49712758681Jun 20044 hrs ago
caring4811416064107Dec 2008Sep 18
writing543135507213Aug 2002Sep 14
adventure5561334081822Aug 2002Sep 18
honesty61113042741211Aug 2004Sep 18
adult fun1,5121091297Apr 2009Sep 16
long term relationship41610640651Apr 2009Sep 18
age is just a number5451032380Aug 2010Sep 14
loyal40410442593Jan 2009Sep 18
down to earth4451014259Feb 2006Sep 18
a good woman for a good man491934251Jul 2009Sep 18
poetry580131355524107Feb 2004Sep 14
motorcycles5189336516Jan 20034 hrs ago
marriage65812631562919Sep 2008Sep 18
friendship543144374822235Dec 2008Sep 17
intelligent3928838464Dec 2008Sep 18
football49390166428Mar 2003Aug 19
humor2,29134229482605Apr 2005Sep 18
cats1,660154393521167Sep 2004Sep 14
boating52974343811Jul 2002Sep 14
coffee441843834210Jul 2005Sep 6
passionate4437219521Dec 2008Sep 18
loving41276264451Sep 2005Sep 18
app5,589682642Jun 2009Sep 18
biking326661353Aug 2005Sep 10
adventurous3576624411Dec 2008Sep 14

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