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Tag NameAllWomenMenBlogsVideoseCardsCreatedTagged
music2,529920186300563708Aug 200222 hrs ago
travel2,11242714822421322Mar 2002Mar 16
camping4953401112263Apr 2002Mar 19
reading12531214616231Mar 2002Mar 12
cooking34729413915032Aug 2002Mar 17
movies31934411616315491Aug 200222 hrs ago
dancing340273132876417Mar 20022 hrs ago
outdoors2622136913941Sep 20042 hrs ago
fishing2942166314463Apr 2002Mar 16
cuddling27020068132Nov 2002Mar 19
nature38833678115744920Aug 200414 hrs ago
art1,414235681167368Apr 200222 hrs ago
hiking180161521081Jun 2004Mar 16
animals1,1424448176780200Oct 2002Mar 16
photography269229579857143Mar 200322 hrs ago
traveling256154589231May 2003Mar 16
affectionate2431485197Dec 200822 hrs ago
walking224148707611Feb 200322 hrs ago
love2,46897839101245190403Aug 200222 hrs ago
beach35017157825324May 2005Mar 19
am looking for serious relationship5,4451184177Nov 2010Mar 19
honest195125417581Dec 2008Mar 16
swimming237107376712Apr 2002Mar 19
fun1,204151316929166Jan 20082 hrs ago
animal lover300102544611Feb 2009Mar 16
romantic252230366164780Mar 2008Mar 19
gardening1719142481Jun 2004Mar 17
travelling19089315611Dec 2008Mar 16
writing2121013552131Aug 2002Mar 12
dogs1,176171434152062Jun 2004Mar 14
family2161084339251Mar 2003Mar 17
romance27928125552548128Feb 2003Mar 17
kissing24012019592139Jan 2005Mar 17
caring161893339107Dec 2008Mar 17
poetry220113254724107Feb 2004Mar 9
adventure204832051822Aug 2002Mar 17
sports173941853419Aug 2002Mar 19
history20182165547Nov 2002Mar 16
football17474115427Mar 2003Mar 10
adult fun53165362Apr 2009Mar 16
a good sense of humour155652144Nov 20112 hrs ago
motorcycles1907021436Jan 2003Mar 1
age is just a number22164955Aug 2010Mar 14
books16568313151Mar 2003Feb 28
honesty2187522391211Aug 2004Mar 19
marriage22710019422919Sep 2008Mar 4
a good woman for a good man176603030Jul 2009Mar 12
80s music1596527335Jan 20092 hrs ago
biking111581048Aug 2005Jan 4
cats710135312321267Sep 2004Mar 10
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