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Tag NameAllWomenMenBlogsVideoseCardsCreatedTagged
love3,7811,12688199245191403Aug 2002Dec 6
flowers96019713771169Feb 2006Jul 27
romance1,163358561032546128Feb 2003Nov 30
hearts2781181117Sep 2008Sep 2008
beautiful66418288646114Jan 2008Nov 3
romantic1,1853709813964780Mar 2008Dec 6
rose291721269Sep 2008May 2012
cats1,850167464121167Sep 2004Dec 4
cute5501206863565Jan 2008Aug 14
sweet56983965162Jan 2008Nov 3
dogs3,041234737452062Jun 2004Nov 24
inspirational487107234953Feb 2009Jul 27
miss you20453152Sep 2008Mar 2009
thinking of you23950149Jan 2009Jul 2010
christmas5539131122748Dec 2008Jul 27
teddy bear25250347Sep 2008Aug 2015
happiness584786818244Feb 2009Nov 28
funny85030626303617044Jul 2007Nov 8
Encouragement27742141Jul 2009Dec 2009
kiss633684351541Sep 2008Jul 27
kissing1,019217471282139Jan 2005Nov 30
scenery20638137Apr 2008Jun 2010
friendship735158435622235Dec 2008Nov 27
friends875155263852534Mar 2003Nov 15
heart49257213933Jan 2009Jul 27
angels51750922433Mar 2008Aug 19
sweetheart2233030Dec 2010Feb 2016
sunset547501712129Apr 2008Sep 12
think of you1352929Dec 2010Dec 2010
beach1,0862691081295324May 2005Dec 6
always20124123Oct 2010Dec 2010
roses308251123Sep 2008Jun 2014
love you1462121Dec 2010Dec 2010
miss24823221Jan 2009Oct 2009
nature1,545501154204744920Aug 2004Dec 6
happy53465111712619Mar 2009Nov 5
snow50633241818Nov 2005Jul 27
only you1801818Dec 2010Dec 2010
care2481717Jan 2009Sep 20
candles4182021116Aug 2005Jan 2014
candy310201316Sep 2008Oct 2016
butterfly2942517116Sep 2008Jul 2015
cake279192215Sep 2008Jan 2016
thank you23017215Nov 2009Apr 2013
good night20716115Sep 2008Mar 2013
forever308171115Sep 2008Oct 23
thanks20919415Sep 2008May 2010
forums26117215Aug 2009Jun 2016
wanna connect1301515Dec 2011Dec 2011
hugs5574612152314Sep 2005Nov 30
shubhrank: "love is worship "(meet us in the ecards)

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