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Tag NameAllWomenMenBlogsVideoseCardsCreatedTagged
Smile happy811Mar 11Mar 11
Gentlemen single sincere honest911Mar 11Mar 11
watersports31211Dec 2008Mar 11
I love Giffgaff1311Mar 10Mar 10
i am looking for a serious relationship31211Mar 2017Mar 10
Serious Women Only711Mar 10Mar 10
witty9912831Jan 2009Mar 10
asian971129Mar 2009Mar 10
smart12115672Dec 2008Mar 10
communication133224873Jul 2009Mar 10
trust14026681011Apr 2009Mar 10
documentaries1071679Jun 2005Mar 10
sincere110195131May 2009Mar 10
trustworthy93216141Feb 2009Mar 10
soulmate1453191471Dec 2008Mar 10
a simple lifestyle112261115Sep 2010Mar 10
blues1541347205102Aug 2003Mar 10
cars184668202351Sep 2004Mar 10
laughing128541713123Jan 2005Mar 10
artist17938112124Jan 2009Mar 10
classic rock2513991617366Jan 2004Mar 10
massage166385321Nov 2005Mar 10
spiritual168491028173Jan 2009Mar 10
humor76230714282605Apr 2005Mar 10
coffee171622624210Jul 2005Mar 10
cats713135312321267Sep 2004Mar 10
bicycling9412210Jan 2009Mar 10
religion11640112711Jan 2005Mar 10
christianity6981241Sep 2007Mar 10
literature831248Sep 2004Mar 10
Portuguese language5914113Nov 2011Mar 10
theology1511Sep 2009Mar 10
museum907223Mar 2010Mar 10
football17474115427Mar 2003Mar 10
culture10927101133Feb 2009Mar 10
lighting storm1011Mar 10Mar 10
Dont be shy1111Mar 10Mar 10
Lookin 4 fun1011Mar 10Mar 10
No strings attached1422Nov 2016Mar 10
I want to move to Europe911Mar 9Mar 9
poetry222113254724107Feb 2004Mar 9
Movies ComicCon cosplay accents2011Mar 9Mar 9
Adventure traveling reads paintball shooting music1011Mar 9Mar 9
f*ck4Mar 9Mar 9
Living in the present moment7Mar 9Mar 9
stranger26312Jan 2015Mar 9
wet blanket811Mar 9Mar 9
Friday night722Apr 2011Mar 9
fish1121612751Dec 2008Mar 9
slippers911Mar 9Mar 9
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