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Tag NameTaggerAllWomenMenBlogsVideoseCardsCreatedTagged
birthday Happy Birthdaybirthday: Happy BirthdayWonderwoman8719928Mar 2008Feb 20
heart Im so glad we metheart: I'm so glad we metWonderwoman18156113933Jan 2009Feb 20
love GOOD MORNINGlove: GOOD MORNING!mariamarcela2,58599043107245192403Aug 2002Jan 7
broken heart WORDSbroken heart: WORDS...mariamarcela15112156Sep 2008Jan 4
love EVERY LOVE STORY IS BEAUTIFULlove: EVERY LOVE STORY IS BEAUTIFUL...mariamarcela2,58599043107245192403Aug 2002Jan 3
love I wonder how youre doinglove: I wonder how you're doing...mariamarcela2,58599043107245192403Aug 2002Dec 26
funny GOOD MORNINGfunny: GOOD MORNING!mariamarcela24729220183617444Jul 2007Dec 21
love GOOD MORNINGlove: GOOD MORNING!mariamarcela2,58599043107245192403Aug 2002Dec 21
funny TRY ITfunny: TRY IT!mariamarcela24729220183617444Jul 2007Dec 19
love TRY ITlove: TRY IT!mariamarcela2,58599043107245192403Aug 2002Dec 19
love I FEEL SO GOOD WITH YOUlove: I FEEL SO GOOD WITH YOU...mariamarcela2,58599043107245192403Aug 2002Dec 19
funny DONTfunny: DON'Tmariamarcela24729220183617444Jul 2007Dec 12
funny CHRISTMAS CANCELLEDfunny: CHRISTMAS CANCELLEDmariamarcela24729220183617444Jul 2007Dec 12
funny TELL THE TRUTHfunny: TELL THE TRUTH!mariamarcela24729220183617444Jul 2007Dec 12
funny OOPSfunny: OOPS!mariamarcela24729220183617444Jul 2007Dec 12
love OUR LOVE IS UNIQUElove: OUR LOVE IS UNIQUE...mariamarcela2,58599043107245192403Aug 2002Dec 11
christmas TELL THE TRUTHchristmas: TELL THE TRUTH!mariamarcela200903122748Dec 2008Dec 7
christmas CHRISTMAS CANCELLEDchristmas: CHRISTMAS CANCELLEDmariamarcela200903122748Dec 2008Dec 7
christmas MERRY CHRISTMAS TO YOU ALLchristmas: MERRY CHRISTMAS TO YOU ALL!mariamarcela200903122748Dec 2008Dec 5
christmas MERRY CHRISTMASchristmas: MERRY CHRISTMASmariamarcela200903122748Dec 2008Dec 5
christmas MERRY CHRISTMASchristmas: MERRY CHRISTMASmariamarcela200903122748Dec 2008Nov 30
christmas MERRY CHRISTMASchristmas: MERRY CHRISTMASmariamarcela200903122748Dec 2008Nov 30
christmas WISH YOU A VERY MERRY CHRISTMASchristmas: WISH YOU A VERY MERRY CHRISTMASmariamarcela200903122748Dec 2008Nov 28
christmas MERRY CHRISTMASchristmas: MERRY CHRISTMASmariamarcela200903122748Dec 2008Nov 28
love OOPSlove: OOPS!mariamarcela2,58599043107245192403Aug 2002Nov 22
love HEART WINGSlove: HEART WINGSmariamarcela2,58599043107245192403Aug 2002Nov 22
love GOOD LUCKlove: GOOD LUCK!mariamarcela2,58599043107245192403Aug 2002Nov 21
inspirational GOOD LUCKinspirational: GOOD LUCK!mariamarcela177107135053Feb 2009Nov 21
love WHERE HAVE YOU BEENlove: WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN?mariamarcela2,58599043107245192403Aug 2002Nov 20
love HMMM YOU LOOK GREATlove: HMMM... YOU LOOK GREAT!mariamarcela2,58599043107245192403Aug 2002Nov 20
love YOU ARE A BEAUTIFUL FLOWERlove: YOU ARE A BEAUTIFUL FLOWERmariamarcela2,58599043107245192403Aug 2002Nov 16
love PLEASE FORGIVE MElove: PLEASE FORGIVE MEmariamarcela2,58599043107245192403Aug 2002Nov 13
love MISS YOU SO MUCHlove: MISS YOU SO MUCHmariamarcela2,58599043107245192403Aug 2002Nov 10
love I CARE ABOUT YOUlove: I CARE ABOUT YOUmariamarcela2,58599043107245192403Aug 2002Nov 10
love MISSING YOUlove: MISSING YOU...mariamarcela2,58599043107245192403Aug 2002Nov 5
birthday HAPPY BIRTHDAYbirthday: HAPPY BIRTHDAY!mariamarcela8719928Mar 2008Oct 13
love WET KISSlove: WET KISSmariamarcela2,58599043107245192403Aug 2002Oct 9
love MISS YOUlove: MISS YOU...mariamarcela2,58599043107245192403Aug 2002Oct 8
love MAKE A WISHlove: MAKE A WISHmariamarcela2,58599043107245192403Aug 2002Oct 7
love NICE TO MEET YOUlove: NICE TO MEET YOU!mariamarcela2,58599043107245192403Aug 2002Oct 7
love I FEEL EMPTYlove: I FEEL EMPTY...mariamarcela2,58599043107245192403Aug 2002Oct 3
love DONTlove: DON'Tmariamarcela2,58599043107245192403Aug 2002Oct 2
love HAPPY ANNIVERSARYlove: HAPPY ANNIVERSARYmariamarcela2,58599043107245192403Aug 2002Oct 1
love I WANT TO GROW OLD WITH YOUlove: I WANT TO GROW OLD WITH YOUmariamarcela2,58599043107245192403Aug 2002Sep 30
love GUARDIAN ANGELlove: GUARDIAN ANGELmariamarcela2,58599043107245192403Aug 2002Sep 30
greetings Nice to meet yougreetings: Nice to meet youAndrada6046817Jan 2009Jul 2017
cheeky Cute like youcheeky: Cute like you...Giggsby117422Apr 2009Apr 2017
beautiful Cute like youbeautiful: Cute like you...Giggsby21617957647114Jan 2008Apr 2017
funny Cute like youfunny: Cute like you...Giggsby24729220183617444Jul 2007Apr 2017
happy Cute like youhappy: Cute like you...Giggsby1755461112619Mar 2009Apr 2017
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