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Tag NameTaggerAllWomenMenBlogsVideoseCardsCreatedTagged
Dance for me Dance with meDance for me: Dance with mePerman711Sep 12Sep 12
great well wonderful peaceful Warm wishesgreat well wonderful peaceful: Warm wishesJuuni3411May 1May 1
birthday Happy Birthdayonline now!birthday: Happy BirthdayWonderwoman23019928Mar 2008Feb 20
heart Im so glad we metonline now!heart: I'm so glad we metWonderwoman39257213933Jan 2009Feb 20
greetings Nice to meet yougreetings: Nice to meet youAndrada60133817Jan 2009Jul 2017
cheeky Cute like youcheeky: Cute like you...Giggsby214422Apr 2009Apr 2017
beautiful Cute like youbeautiful: Cute like you...Giggsby50318178646114Jan 2008Apr 2017
funny Cute like youfunny: Cute like you...Giggsby60830125263617044Jul 2007Apr 2017
happy Cute like youhappy: Cute like you...Giggsby40863111512619Mar 2009Apr 2017
tongue Cute like youtongue: Cute like you...Giggsby1093111Apr 2014Apr 2017
smile Cute like yousmile: Cute like you...Giggsby4142966926Jan 2009Apr 2017
gorgeous Cute like yougorgeous: Cute like you...Giggsby12051121Sep 2009Apr 2017
cute Cute like youcute: Cute like you...Giggsby4241206863565Jan 2008Apr 2017
care True Love Callingcare: True Love CallingEarthheart20618117Jan 2009Nov 2016
call me True Love Callingcall me: True Love CallingEarthheart5433Jan 2009Nov 2016
romance True Love Callingromance: True Love CallingEarthheart84633547892546128Feb 2003Nov 2016
communications True Love Callingcommunications: True Love CallingEarthheart63413Nov 2010Nov 2016
thinking of you True Love Callingthinking of you: True Love CallingEarthheart18850149Jan 2009Nov 2016
wanna connect True Love Callingwanna connect: True Love CallingEarthheart1021515Dec 2011Nov 2016
friends True Love Callingfriends: True Love CallingEarthheart643148263152534Mar 2003Nov 2016
love True Love Callinglove: True Love CallingEarthheart3,4201,08375169245191403Aug 2002Nov 2016
distant lovers Real Rainbows Of Lovedistant lovers: Real Rainbows Of LoveEarthheart3811Nov 2016Nov 2016
missing you Real Rainbows Of Lovemissing you: Real Rainbows Of LoveEarthheart1411019Jan 2009Nov 2016
romance Real Rainbows Of Loveromance: Real Rainbows Of LoveEarthheart84633547892546128Feb 2003Nov 2016
nature Real Rainbows Of Lovenature: Real Rainbows Of LoveEarthheart1,186456134179744920Aug 2004Nov 2016
rainbows Real Rainbows Of Loverainbows: Real Rainbows Of LoveEarthheart3911Nov 2016Nov 2016
thinking of you Real Rainbows Of Lovethinking of you: Real Rainbows Of LoveEarthheart18850149Jan 2009Nov 2016
love Real Rainbows Of Lovelove: Real Rainbows Of LoveEarthheart3,4201,08375169245191403Aug 2002Nov 2016
thank you Kiss Of Autumnthank you: Kiss Of AutumnEarthheart19817215Nov 2009Oct 2016
forums Kiss Of Autumnforums: Kiss Of AutumnEarthheart21517215Aug 2009Oct 2016
beautiful Kiss Of Autumnbeautiful: Kiss Of AutumnEarthheart50318178646114Jan 2008Oct 2016
care Kiss Of Autumncare: Kiss Of AutumnEarthheart20618117Jan 2009Oct 2016
romance Kiss Of Autumnromance: Kiss Of AutumnEarthheart84633547892546128Feb 2003Oct 2016
missing you Kiss Of Autumnmissing you: Kiss Of AutumnEarthheart1411019Jan 2009Oct 2016
thinking of you Kiss Of Autumnthinking of you: Kiss Of AutumnEarthheart18850149Jan 2009Oct 2016
love Kiss Of Autumnlove: Kiss Of AutumnEarthheart3,4201,08375169245191403Aug 2002Oct 2016
inspirational Winds Of Beautyinspirational: Winds Of BeautyEarthheart375107234953Feb 2009Oct 2016
forums Winds Of Beautyforums: Winds Of BeautyEarthheart21517215Aug 2009Oct 2016
care Winds Of Beautycare: Winds Of BeautyEarthheart20618117Jan 2009Oct 2016
thinking of you Winds Of Beautythinking of you: Winds Of BeautyEarthheart18850149Jan 2009Oct 2016
missing you Winds Of Beautymissing you: Winds Of BeautyEarthheart1411019Jan 2009Oct 2016
beauty Winds Of Beautybeauty: Winds Of BeautyEarthheart39928351046Jan 2008Oct 2016
romance Winds Of Beautyromance: Winds Of BeautyEarthheart84633547892546128Feb 2003Oct 2016
love Winds Of Beautylove: Winds Of BeautyEarthheart3,4201,08375169245191403Aug 2002Oct 2016
romance Chemistryromance: ChemistryEarthheart84633547892546128Feb 2003Sep 2016
inspirational Chemistryinspirational: ChemistryEarthheart375107234953Feb 2009Sep 2016
welcome to c s Chemistrywelcome to c s: ChemistryEarthheart3611Sep 2016Sep 2016
caring Chemistrycaring: ChemistryEarthheart4871425966107Dec 2008Sep 2016
forums Chemistryforums: ChemistryEarthheart21517215Aug 2009Sep 2016
happiness Chemistryhappiness: ChemistryEarthheart447765817244Feb 2009Sep 2016

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