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playing instruments39226 hrs ago
Sapiosexual0116 hrs ago
meditation5525824281326 hrs ago
walking821268127139116 hrs ago
paranormal379167636 hrs ago
spirituality521542026446 hrs ago
writing6731505978136 hrs ago
dancing3,18637219312564176 hrs ago
singing508713232256 hrs ago
Music1002714136 hrs ago
Traveling308357 hrs ago
animal lover8621748983117 hrs ago
Music interests27117 hrs ago
Mantras Yoga Literature International Trade2118 hrs ago
affectionate and honest34338142416 hrs ago
intimacy39142435316 hrs ago
video games446468352116 hrs ago
rock music4586614312116 hrs ago
soulmate5145418287116 hrs ago
christian612813824612116 hrs ago
compassionate409532329116 hrs ago
laughing47277282512316 hrs ago
faithful35463214216 hrs ago
honesty is the key to any good relationship39067244316 hrs ago
passionate539902366116 hrs ago
loyal4861224673316 hrs ago
humor2,4733653664260516 hrs ago
football5849519662816 hrs ago
intelligent4921084658416 hrs ago
caring601158657610716 hrs ago
romance1,07335354100254612816 hrs ago
family685193907725116 hrs ago
honesty7481535089121116 hrs ago
kissing94821245125213916 hrs ago
a good sense of humour5642158912616 hrs ago
romantic1,080363941366478016 hrs ago
am looking for serious relationship12,6182419514616 hrs ago
affectionate78827910517416 hrs ago
honest7852901111708116 hrs ago
love3,6681,1208519624519140316 hrs ago
cuddling94833912221716 hrs ago
marriage8221423865291919 hrs ago
long term relationship5141275076119 hrs ago
Investor modern writing auditing spiritual011Nov 15
Reading32826Nov 15
road trips325391524Nov 15
science50554103167Nov 15
open minded78255946Nov 15
classic rock7484222531366Nov 15
friends806155263852534Nov 15
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