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wheelchair322112 hrs ago
horses1,1386735241616 hrs ago
am looking for serious relationship11,495205781276 hrs ago
motorcycles51893365166 hrs ago
gardening497127586816 hrs ago
outdoors752301101195416 hrs ago
nature1,1634541331787449206 hrs ago
cooking2,154397184208326 hrs ago
camping1,10942214427536 hrs ago
a good sense of humour46417274988 hrs ago
fun3,35122763114281668 hrs ago
beach8432398911853248 hrs ago
walking681241115124118 hrs ago
cuddling7693071062018 hrs ago
honest62223486139818 hrs ago
love3,3721,079731672451914038 hrs ago
affectionate658243891548 hrs ago
dancing2,83635618112164178 hrs ago
travel3,218558202301213228 hrs ago
pets9036491044114 hrs ago
Range2921114 hrs ago
shopping335351517314 hrs ago
exercise338311018314 hrs ago
cuddles30420810214 hrs ago
martial arts309253173214 hrs ago
kind388451727114 hrs ago
road trips26635142115 hrs ago
bike riding3091238115 hrs ago
lived abroad7221115 hrs ago
dog lover58750262418 hrs ago
museums300512427Sep 18
daydreaming0Sep 18
web design4133Sep 18
graphic design188523Sep 18
design209844Sep 18
bachata dancing0Sep 18
salsa dancing138523Sep 18
bicycling27516313Sep 18
mountain biking18666Sep 18
cycling49461104461Sep 18
Hiking822Sep 18
tejano111Sep 18
Cumbia2222Sep 18
merengue111Sep 18
bachata136523Sep 18
salsa276113512Sep 18
latin dance66211Sep 18
Latin dancing464112Sep 18
dance1,587146161231096Sep 18
Heritage Scots and English111Sep 18
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