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cooking2,654443206232325 hrs ago
chess419247175 hrs ago
golf62542142085 hrs ago
Reading and working out6116 hrs ago
book smarts street hearts01111 hrs ago
positivity5321111 hrs ago
reading and not often in books but in looks01111 hrs ago
emotion96412111 hrs ago
looking good01111 hrs ago
learning44424418211 hrs ago
smiling3461045111 hrs ago
movies2312681811 hrs ago
Hiking68123911 hrs ago
park4431211 hrs ago
gym504321318111 hrs ago
beach1,200273108133532419 hrs ago
Intelligent Passionate Loyal LOVE21121 hrs ago
intelligent5851164963422 hrs ago
passionate6581042677122 hrs ago
a good sense of humour6702309513522 hrs ago
fun3,646264751392816622 hrs ago
romantic1,3073801011466478022 hrs ago
loyal6221324980322 hrs ago
affectionate94629411118322 hrs ago
love3,9251,1408921224519140322 hrs ago
Polute tical Satire211Jan 19
Polutical Satire0Jan 19
genuine4561798Jan 19
trustworthy4074214271Jan 19
honest1,02530911818281Jan 19
romance1,272363581062546128Jan 19
long walks38718711Jan 19
stargazing9622Jan 19
live music4924121164Jan 19
rock music55268153221Jan 19
paranormal46917773Jan 19
flying49416862Jan 19
rallying6911Jan 19
mountain walking311Jan 19
cycling67968134861Jan 19
Outdoors day trips cycling411Jan 18
cinema656801946114Jan 18
theatre4964017203Jan 18
relaxing42216691Jan 18
walking98528713614911Jan 18
spirituality62257212844Jan 18
meals out6111Jan 18
family7892049682251Jan 18
Short breaks411Jan 18
computers3133Jan 18
4MaryB: "for every day we are apart "(meet us in the ecards)

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