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karaoke64826101151 hrs ago
open jam sessions2111 hrs ago
open mic2111 hrs ago
playing music266331 hrs ago
ukulele16221 hrs ago
metal detecting1946151 hrs ago
Music50112249734 hrs ago
motorcycles1,134126467464 hrs ago
football1,0561142480284 hrs ago
singing1,0491034354244 hrs ago
poetry1,4111644776241074 hrs ago
friendship1,3622015785222354 hrs ago
writing1,2791837595134 hrs ago
gardening1,527183889414 hrs ago
dogs5,0982829799519624 hrs ago
down to earth1,159211921194 hrs ago
family1,3212641241142514 hrs ago
animal lover1,628252126124114 hrs ago
beach1,98534313717552244 hrs ago
fishing3,108339111218734 hrs ago
a good sense of humour1,3593321401924 hrs ago
romantic2,449492145217644804 hrs ago
walking1,625373171200114 hrs ago
affectionate1,8363891492404 hrs ago
dancing4,56946424516664074 hrs ago
outdoors1,817434166263414 hrs ago
nature2,8796372082847451204 hrs ago
camping2,49252618633734 hrs ago
cooking3,667556256295324 hrs ago
naturalist2522118 hrs ago
naturist8856158 hrs ago
Traveling30129141511 hrs ago
baking6112619711 hrs ago
dining in831113 hrs ago
dining out65357302713 hrs ago
relax at home01113 hrs ago
thrills01113 hrs ago
rollar coasters01113 hrs ago
fireplace snuggling01113 hrs ago
skating196311113 hrs ago
exploring760431527113 hrs ago
boating1,2509644501113 hrs ago
Swimming21534161813 hrs ago
movies53178324613 hrs ago
video games8175910462113 hrs ago
card games46561513 hrs ago
board games65724131113 hrs ago
Hiking26338122613 hrs ago
heartfelt01114 hrs ago
sincere675431428114 hrs ago
Alex7: "Sweet Birthday Wishes ... "(meet us in the ecards)

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