My ToP 1o favorite places in beautiful Qc

If your board of quebec this can help you outt. these are my favorite spots in quebec.

Vallee du park

good old vallee du park area. V.D.P is my grandfathers ski center located in shawinigan. My old house was on a Hill right in front of it and i was able to ski from my house to V.D.P. anytime. Unfortunately i had to move away at age 9 for my dads job. Ive lost alot of friends but i kept skiing and today im still skiing(makinmoulahh)

Iles de la madleine

I decided to go see a cool friend up there by plane as a vacation from work.
-Met some nice people
-saw nature that i couldnt beleive belonged to QC
-Made love to a women originaly from les iles after A sickk party


Ive lived there for 6 months.
Every single day I cherrished the fresh breeze comming in from the ocean and probly also saw the nicest sunset ever.

Mont Tremblanc

I often go there for freeski competitions in the winter and i must say its a pleasure to do competitions in such a beautiful place.

St foie

I have a lot of old friends from summer camp who now live in St foi and I have been on several trips by that way because it was a place with higher respect and the place itself had had many chill spots to chec out

lac des pilles

i grew up always goin to my cousins chalet over there to kik it on the wake board and to enjoy being awayy.

ST augusteen

po st augustin
ST augusteen
une pettite ville completement dans le nord passer sept iles ou vit ma grandmere. jai tellement vu des belles choses laba , des affaires que vous allez po croire que sa existe a QC.

st donat

this place seems like a lost town at first but once we arrived at the ski center and then later on saw the town it was a frikin nice place . it felt different

st laz

Cuz I live here

Lac Simon

Ive only been 1 time
stayed at my friends chalet
before I knew it the lake itself started forming a party

Every place on this list gives me a different sensation and memory of the past. I love discovering Qc . It never ends.

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if you ski then you ought to like this. my favorite 10 places in vermont. 1. killington 2. jay peak 3. mount mansfield 4. smugglers notch 5. burke mountain 6. camels hump 7. ascutney mountain 8. laKE MEMPHREMAGOG, LAKE CHAMPLAIN , lake salem, lake osmer, lake eligo, lake seymore, lake willoughby, lake caspian, crystal lake, shadow lake 10. the rest of the resorts mountains and lakes not mentioned. i have been up to quebec growing up. its a long drive from there to montreal but worth it. i like the laurentines , great white watering.
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