Top 10 signs you were approached by scammer

This is for ladies...

He's a widow, with children

That seems to get the pity points..

He's a "god fearing" person

Even when he writes to a atheist...

Insufficient knowledge of geography

Yeah... Finland is somewhere in Asia

When confronted, he get's defensive and accuses you of disrespecting behavior


He's name is combined from two first names...

Not really sure wich one is the first one or not

He's got his hand on international jewel trade...


Location varies....

Yes.. Middle London.. how did I mixed it with India where you really were?

He's seeking a partner for the rest of his life

Yes, always in the first e-mail...

Never interested of anything you want..

That can be the case in many others as well

After getting your msn ID, the profile suddenly dissappears

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Poor English is the dead give away ......a huge salary......always god fearing .......wants marriage ........approach woman much older who will probably have more money .......they have picture that doesn't even match their description in profile ie may look way younger than age they claim to be even different hair or eye colour ......often pretend to be a widower with small children in need of a wonderful woman to mother them ........very often their name is like Richard Thomas or James Johnson or Robert Williams.......they mix up surnames with Christian name . ......if a guy sounds too good to be true it's likely he's a scammer he'll ask for email offer to talk offline straightaway.........I repeat if he sounds wonderful ........beware ::rolleyes:
I had one just few days ago i thought wanted to be with me forever but yet then he talks about s*xual things to me which is a complete utter turn OFF to me, He talked about how he wanted to be intimate with me and do some things i'm like No thanks....... I also get men who want to talk on whatsapp or anything else. I'm like hell No not happening i gave this guy a chance but it just went south I'm glad i didn't end up stuck with him. I'm just happy that i don't need to deal with weirdo's... I get another person same as this guy i'm done for good.... I can't keep doing this it's hurting me and i am not liking this what so ever.....
I've had one of those too. I did a Google search, and there they were. It had pictures they sent me and even quotes from some of the e-mails I got. So I played them for about two weeks, then gave them a dear Jane letter. LOL
I've had alot of scamers too, first with the child stuff, then the all the money you want,then get off cs and IM me. I never use IM only emails.I might not get to many guys to talk to but don't get the scamers either, also report and delete asap.Keep yourself safe and have fun, have spoken to some real nice guys on here, so they are out there. Be very picky and the same goes for the guys out there.professor
Yes they will ask you alot of questions then when you ask questions back they get upset and insulted..They will tell you that you are the one for them they dont want anyone else because you are so compatible and alike and they were thinking of you.. but they are still cruising the sites..They tell you one first name and then mail you with another...They e-mail u and call you another womans name..They tell you how sincere and honest they are but dont believe you are...When you ask too many questions they get frustrated and you dont hear from them anymore.....Thats how sincere they are and how so much compatible you were with them LOL
Though I have not had any scammers send me emails in a long time, I still remember the ones that tried. I kept every email they sent to me including all the pictures. Years ago, after having many attempt to scam me, I sent out warnings to many dating sites. I see it has paid off. I even had 1 send me a nude photo hoping to collect money from it. I decided after the first, I would get some kind of satisfaction back from them even trying me. I now write them back as if I know nothing of their attempt and let them string it out, eventually stumbling on their own words. I waste their time as they waste mine. I lead them, telling them I don't have any money and cant send any, yet they still continue to ask for it after a few more emails. They are a sad bunch of people.
i'm plagued by these low-lifes. i've "outed" several.
giveaways for me have been:

claiming different location to one on profile

having no local knowledge of place they claim to be from

ignore most questions but ask a lot themselves

demonstrate complete ignorance of local cultural differences

worryingly i've also noticed a trend developing whereby one scammer will feed information to another (or the same person using a different profile) so that they can appear to have things in common with you or have some knowledge of things or places that you might know about.
thanks for the reminder on scammers dear,,,i almost got all what you mention here and you are very right on top of that they make you fall inlove w/them with their sweet talks and blah blah,and at he end they start asking help,money and all their to be smart now when it comes to dating experts,lol..guess i learn a lot on it cheers
I met a lot of scammers it seems all there mails are written the same long and promise of marriage after just 1 mail..yes i was a victim of scam myself well didnt know much about it till i read it here in CS.
omo Naija ayami o ja...Elenu ejeka ba ti won je.
I get hit on all the time by scammers. Models pics with "I love you" letters within a week if you actually fall for the more well written letters that some have. One even called me and what I found interesting was that his voice just didn't match his picture. I know that sounds ludicrous, but, the voice sounded too mature, too gruff and too Australian to be British. :)
It's a very disenchanting experience if you fall for it once but if you fall for it twice it is exasperating. Sometimes I think there are 10 people on this site looking for a relationship of anykind. Very disappointing. dunno
The women are 30 and they are contacting a 57 year old man for love and a dead daddy relationship. Come to my home town 500 miles away and we'll plan our marriage and our future together. I know there are a few 50-60+ guys out their that will fall for the young lady loves me trick. They'll also drive the 500 miles to never find the sweet 30 year old scammer. The other lists are pretty good also.

Be blessed
The women are 30 and they are contacting a 57 year old man for love and a dead daddy relationship. Come to my home town 500 miles away and we'll plan our marriage and our future together. I know there are a few 50-60+ guys out their that will fall for the young lady loves me trick. They'll also drive the 500 miles to never find the sweet 30 year old scammer. The other lists are pretty good also.

Be blessed
I think that most of you is right and i met a lot of them.I can feel the smell :) from the very first details of their profiles.
Neverthless what you say about chat program's id requests is to be taken with a grain of salt(i hope this is the right expression).
I personally always ask for msn id and i am not a scammer.It rarely happens that you are online at the same time of a person that you would like to know and these prog allow to remain in contact much easier.There are so many things that one can do with these programs that is not possible to do otherwise.See each other share photos while talking and much more.Another thing that i can't understand is why people are so againist seeing each other:don't you freaking watch in their eyes people you are talking to when you meet them face to face?
I know, this site is thick with them sometimes. Do what I do...take thier addy, go to your junk box in msn and sign it up for every scam in there. It takes about 5 mins, but the satisfaction is endless wine
Had one just last night getting hot and bothered and told me this conversation was going nowhere because I wasn't buying into feeling sorry for him/she/it with about 3 tragic stories in the first 5mins doh what was I thinking not to feel sad about such tragic news help have I no compassion?? rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing
Thanks Tiamiini...i realize this list is directed by yourself to the CS female contingant, i have read it, and the contributer posts with interest...male and female alike get scammed, i never thought it would happen to me...i wish i had read this list earlier , and CS's "scam warning" advisory...i am now left with a screwed yahoo account where im afraid to open mail for fear of identity threat / theft...CS is great fun and the people using it seem on the whole to be decent any of you who have been "hoodwinked", i sympathise, i only have a f****d up e-mail account to bother with...god knows what would have happened had i been taken in past the massive spam attacks...LZ..very mad
So far the surest sign I've noticed is that they send unsolicited emails that go on and on and on, yet invariably somewhere in the last sentence is a Yahoo email address.
Great list I have a few more to add

When he asks you if you will travel to where he is to live with him and after many months of conversation and made plans tells you to slow down.

When he lies about what he does for a living and is always crying poor me.

Takes and never gives.

When you find out he has been telling every so-called female friend he has made on the site the same thing.(because you are the only one he is really with according to

When he uses the site and empty promises to others to drum up business for himself.
Another good way of telling if they're real is if they have multiple pictures of them in real life looking situations. Also, if you can get them to produce the same pictures along with other pictures of themselves on a different location like a screen name, because you can block them there too. I got a guy to fess up that he wasn't really the guy in his pic at all once. It happens, but I've also made some really good genuine friends online, so don't be discouraged! :)
only fake azz ppl scam......i can see them coming.....hello ppl im the one and only (Diamond)peace handshake head banger

I guess Ive never been seen as good enough for the scammers.... I wonder why not? I might like to have a pen pal, even if its based on a fake premise
Mine seem to be a lot like yours, MJames. The grammer and syntax don't make sense, and they are always locals who are in another country right now for some reason...

The translators are getting better...
Wen i first starting using the computer in a adult program, first guy that made contact with me was a scam artists,he got my email address n was making contacts with all of my family members, trying to sweet talk em till theyd fall in love with him, and he even sent me a check for 3,000 dollars, telling me to cash it, and sent most of the money back to him,the ladies at the bank told me that it wasnt a real check, so if i cashed it n sent it back, id have to pay that 3,000 to the bank, luckily i never did do it, the teachers at the school, made me do homework about the scam artists on the internet so i know now, but sum ladies i know that are related to me, just get angry wen i try tell them that the men ther chatting with are scam artists so guess they have to find out on ther own now since we aint friends anymore
I find that 75% of my messages are from scammers. If you have any doubt about these....go up in keyword and type in Nigerian scams, and there will be hundreds of scams to read about and learn about. They all are the same, widowed, with one child, working over seas, etc. You will be surprised.
Also, those model looking photos - that is exactly what they are...
go under Hiawian Focus Modeling agency in key word or is it Focus Haiawaian Modeling Agency...and you might see your man's photo there, or your lady. I found 20 men's photos that have written me. (they steal these photos!).
Also, for those that say "Russian girls"...
Be careful
p.s. not a 1/3 but probably a tenth have been fake; its very common on dating sites.
so far a 1/3 of the people that contact me are scammers.

For me this is what I've seen.

1. In their profile they don't talk like an American but they say they were born and raised here.

2. Profile translated through translator

3. Rambling on and on about how submissive they are and that they want marriage.

4. They dont want to chat/text, they just want to communicate through emails.

5. lol; the best one is I have about 20 women that have told me they live in the u.s. but they are doing business in Nigeria or they are going on a trip to Nigeria.

6. Parents have died, very poor situation financially.

7. Pictures are overwhelmingly fake; I got one who had a photo of Jessica Alba.

8. Obvious one; they ask for money for any reason.
I am in New Zealand and I had at least 6 of these and all widowers who had a child that needed counselling blushing they were way too romantic and never answered any of my questions....they were all on another site starting with B... and I reported all of them and asked for my money back from the site as not one genuine person came through but they ignored the refund request....the B site was one that invited you with a personality test so do not go all the guys were extremely good looking moping
Gotten a bunch of these - mostly on another site - not so much on CS. Report them to the site admins ASAP, then block & delete. I no longer give out msn or yahoo IDs...maybe once in great while if I've been talking to someone for awhile on the site. I tell guys why I don't give that out, and if they still pressure me...scammer - report - block - deletehead banger
Very copacetic list! I've had ALL the above. I write them back w/ a VERY lang list of why we DON"T match; tell them they either can't read, or they're too selfish to care about what i prefer, so they are NOT marriage material & I dont want them! After I send this email, I immediately block them. Just wish I could be there to see their jaw hang out. rolling on the floor laughing

Guess they think ANY woman, or man, on a singles site is 'desperate.' If I were a desperate-type woman, I'd have stayed w/ my X! laugh
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