My Top 10 Favorite Films of All Time

Just about everyone loves films. Here's my Top 10, top it, rearrange, or based on my preferences suggest one for me to see!! Thank you fellow cs'ers.

Love Actually

Hugh Grant as Prime Minister of England? - one of the best ensemble casts in movies! love it!

Shipping News

Best movie music I've ever heard (score) celtic drums & pipes will haunt you for hours after the film is over. Fabulous cast & my fav. filmmaker also. Beautiful scenery in Nova Scotia, I believe.

Gentlemen Prefer Blondes

IMO Marilyn's best, although Some Like It Hot often gets that award. Love the fashions! This movies is basically a fashion show in Paris - great period clothing & Jane Russell's imitation of Marilyn is one of the funniest moments in film EVER!!

Breakfast at Tiffany's

I love Audrey Hepburn! Who doesn't? The early morning opening scene to this film is one of my favorites in film - reminds me of my college partying days

Bridget Jones' Diary #1

Very funny! I've seen it oooooooohhh maybe a dozen times! I never get tired of it!

Good Will Hunting

What's to say.....? Maybe the best movie ever made. Best cast, acting. I think it's pretty much a classic by now.

Peggy Sue Got Married

Maybe Kathleen Turner's best film besides Body Heat. Love the music in this one.

Prizi's Honor

Speaking of Kathleen Turner. This movie is full of wonderful surprises & has an excellent cast - no bad scenes, but lots of "bad" scenes.


Yes! It was great!!! I love Superheroes

The Dark Knight

maybe my favorite superhero film as Batman is my favorite superhero

Le Placard

French for The Closet. Hilarious sexy French movie done only as the Frenchies could! English subtitles available if you need

Joyeaux Noel

Also a French Film, I think. It's actually in 3 languages German French & English (brogue). Christmas in the trenches in France during WW1. Excellent.

Italien For Beginners

Danish film, actually. English subtitles - really good movie - very "real time." - very down to earth as I'd expect from a Dane

Not necessarily in this order from 1- 13 - just tried to get favorites on here. The non-english speaking titles are grouped at the end, but it's not a qualitative statement.

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Yeah! the ones with johnny Deimp, unmistakably brilliantgrin
Love Actually is also one of my favorites cheering
Thanks for the list, maybe I'll try watching those that I have not yet seen wave
Mr "Profile is deleted" can stay that I don;t care for his opinion of my opinion. Perhaps those who do not like my choices can simply create their own list rather than post spoiled brat-type comments. Ben Affleck is an excellent actor, as is Matt Damon. But I think Minnie Driver stole the show in that movie. I have seen all kinds of films. I like American and British film, fairly modern film. So that's my list.

What someone else deems as classic may be a more traditional definition of classicism. But I don't much care for snobs.

Oh and thanks Dag, Italien for Beginners is the kind of movie I like. I have also seen other favorite lists on here and thought the choices were not very good, but of course I have the maturity to realize that not everyone is going to like the same things. Some very popular movies I have found to be quite mediocre....whatever, it's all our opinions.teddybear
I did not see the word "classic" anywhere in the Top 10 List. I saw the word "Favorite."

Of course everyone's favorites are entirely subjective. I do have the DVD of Italian For Beginners. It's an odd film, slow-paced, yet ultimately intriguing and even charming.
Good Will Hunting a Classic? I would say that is pretty much a cliche movie. Hardly worth the classic title. I haven't even wanted to see that movie since I first saw it. I wouldn't call anything with Damon or Affleck worthy of the 'Classic' title.

If we are going with 'Classics' like that, then why not Dead Poets Society?

Or maybe films that created a new trend in movies and helped define a whole generation? Movies staring the Brat Pack. Such as The Breakfast Club, Sixteen Candles, Pretty in Pink, etc.

I realize this is your version of a top ten, so I am not going to argue against why some are there, and all that. I just don't agree with the term classic being applied to something that has pretty much faded into history and is hardly mentioned anymore.
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